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Vogel on the Near-Earth Deceased

Medium Gretchen Vogel outlines, based upon her experiences as a medium, why the recently departed stay near-earth…

“We can stay near the earth for as long as we wish after we die. We will have no reason to leave the people, places and things that we loved in life. We can more easily reach self-awareness, heal from the manner of our death and assimilate our experience near comforting reference points.

For some deceased, remaining where they died or where they were buried is not a conscious choice. That is simply where they find themselves. They stay there until they learn to move around. Other deceased, attached to the idea of their physical body, may stay at a cemetery or mausoleum because they are unwilling to leave their body. Deceased may linger near their home as an orientation point because they can’t think of anywhere else they would rather be.

A few deceased who have tragic deaths will need to wait near the actual site of their death. Sometimes these people are not conscious enough after they die to have seen their body taken away or follow it through their wake, funeral and their body’s disposition. It may take them a while to remember the instant before they died, and figure out how they got to be where they are now. If they died in unfamiliar surroundings. they may not know, for a while, that they can go home or how to move to get there. Some healing and assimilation will have to take place before these near-earth deceased can begin to make choices.

There are also deceased who stay near the earth although they know there are higher levels of energy they can inhabit. Most deceased hesitate to leave beloved people and places and will mingle with the earth reality, as much as possible, for a period.

Some deceased stay near the earth to enjoy nature’s beauty even though their experience of nature is modified. Our enjoyment of nature will not be as acute as it was when we were in a body. It will be based upon the memory of a physical sensation. The deceased’s experience will be the memory of what this would have looked like and felt like when they were in a body. The deceased’s ability to take joy in the natural world is dependent upon how much they appreciated the natural world when they were alive.

Another reason deceased people stay near the earth is that they have unfinished business here. A deceased individual will take the opportunity to stay near a person, animal, place or event where there is something left unresolved. This relationship may be one of love or it can be rooted in a lingering conflict. The deceased work toward a satisfactory conclusion to relationships even if this resolution can only happen within their own mind.”

(Vogel, Gretchen. Choices in the Afterlife: What We Can Do and Where We Can Go After Death. PPS 79-80)



  1. Bruce Grainger says:

    I always feel stupid. I had neighbours who died violent deaths in separate car accidents. Both were extremely violent and one especially so. Every time I wlak by their house I prayed to God and what ever angels were available to find these two souls and take them home. I doubt it was helpful but I had a illogical desire to do something.

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