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Current List of Hackable Radios

The basic method for hacking a radio has involved finding the mute wire and cutting it, or in some radios, finding the mute pin and snapping it off.  The goal in hacking a radio is to remove the mute feature while the radio is in scan mode – this allows all of the white noise and static to come through during the scan.  The working theory is that this additional noise allows for communication to occur through the ghost boxes.

Since 2012, there have been several radios that have been re-released with newer circuitry and are considered unhackable for ghost box purposes (including the Radio Shack and Sangean models). The newer versions of the classic ghost box radios now generally have a ribbon connector which makes hacking these radios to make ghost boxes next to impossible.

We are sure this list is incomplete as there are new radios being hacked all the time; and if you have a radio that is not included on this list that can be hacked, please let us know by emailing ITC@ITCvoices.org so we may include it.

List of Hackable “Shack Hack,” Type Ghost Box Radios – 2014

This list should be used in conjunction with the ghost box types information provided on this site in 2011.

Radio Shack Hackable Ghost Boxes

Radio Shack Model 12-587

Radio Shack Model 1200587 (requires soldering and an external switch)

Radio Shack Model 12-150

Radio Shack Model 20-125

    • Updated to the 200125 with the new model; the new model is not hackable.

Radio Shack Model 12-589

Radio Shack Model 12-820

Radio Shack Model 12-469

Radio Shack Model 12-470

Radio Shack Model 12-588

Radio Shack Model 12-804

Radio Shack Model 12-791

Radio Shack Model 12-174

    • This is a Sangean DT-200V that has been repackaged for Radio Shack.

Radio Shack Model 12-802

Radio Shack Model 16-626

Optimus Hackable Ghost Boxes

Optimus Model 12-792 (need to cut the beep wire as well)

Sangean Hackable Ghost Boxes

Note: Sangean’s are mostly shipping with ribbons now as opposed to the pin and wire circuit boards.  There are no known hacks for the ribbon models yet.

Sangean Model DT-200x (pre-2012 models only)

Sangean Model DT-200vx (pre-2012 models only)

Sangean Model DT-200v

Sangean Model DT-400w

Sangean ATS-909

Sony Walkman Hackable Ghost Boxes

These Sony Walkman series ghost boxes are not “hacked,” per se; rather the ghost box function is obtained via clamping the scan button or holding it down.

Sony Walkman Model SRF M37w

Sony Walkman Model SRF M37v

Jensen Hackable Ghost Boxes

Jensen Model SAB-55b

    • The SAB-55a and SAB-55c are not hackable versions of this radio.

Coby Hackable Ghost Boxes

Coby CX96 

Hitachi Hackable Ghost Boxes

Hitachi KH-25

Grundig Hackable Ghost Boxes

Grundig Satellit 700

  • This box is sweepable directly out of the box from the manufacturer

Koss Hackable Ghost Boxes

Koss PP257

Memorex Hackable Ghost Boxes

Memorex 2Xtreme



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    • Ronny says:

      Has anyone know how to hacked tecsun pl-660 ghost box?

    • I have a Radio Shack 12-804 and cannot find instructions on how to modify it. Can some one tell me where to look?

      Thanks in advanced

      • Andy says:

        take apart and send pictures of the circuit board(s) I wasnt able to find any thing other than some dude saying he was using a hacked version

      • Andy says:

        seems itsvoices doesnt have a way to upload pictures so if you do so we can see and perhaps tell you what to try, will have to use google drive or something and then share the link
        I would be happy to help out if I can but you will need to be the eyes and hands sending pictures of the INSIDE of a unit, anything is possible but you will have to be the one that does the hack with some guidance , so might need soldering experience or want to learn, irons are cheap for the low watt,

    • Andy says:

      some Bad News, I (we) have totally, 100% debunked the Panasonic RR-DR60 , it can be proven and was a defect in the way it stored and recalled the digital info, No Ghosts, No Demons, Nothing but a defective part that mixed up and assembled data from broken and or missing chains, sometimes even replacing data with other data which sounded like other voices but in effect was just misconstruction of library entries

    • Tom G Olausson says:

      I have a GRUNDIG Sonoclock 400, is it hackable? It has the sweep function, so it should be hackable, right? I am learning at the moment and would be extremely happy for any help, and advice, and knowledge from the ITC community.
      Thanx in advance!
      Tom G Olausson
      Team Swedish Hauntings

    • Lisa Gallups says:

      Hello First I Wanna Say Thank You For Having This Site For People Like Myself I Truly Appreciate It. I Was Wondering Have You Tried Or Do You Know Is The HanRongDa Model HDR-103 Radio Hackable Wanting To Make My Own Ghost Box Love Many Others Out Here Thank You Sincerely Lisa

  2. dan says:

    has any one hacked the bush pr50 radio

  3. Mark says:

    Has anyone managed to hack a Slivercrest SWED100A1?
    Are any of TIVIDO radio’s hackable? (plenty on e-bay) i.e. V-111, V-112 or V-115

  4. Gary Phipps says:

    Has anyone hacked the coby cx90

  5. Angela Jones says:

    Hi,my name is Angela and I bought this ,a ic200 emerson Research radio.I have the black one.I want to know if it can be hacked to use as a ghost box if possible.Would love to know what has to be done to convert it to use as a ghost box.Has a great sound and good speakers on it.This model I have has the double alarm clock.It also has the place on top in which to attach an IPOD.The radio on this system has the up and down buttons on it to be able to tune the radio stations to sweep forward or backward.If you have instructions on how to hack this radio I would really be greatful.My other ghostbox I had got broken or just stopped working due to something that happened to it .Thank You ,for all your help and your kind response back to this problem.Yours Sincerely Angela Jones.

  6. Gary Phipps says:

    Does anyone know if the Tivdio or the Trevi radios you find on Ebay can be hacked

    • simon cox says:

      Hi gary i have the Tivdio v-111 and v-112 i am working on would be good if we can hack these 2 there are a large supply of these, things have slowed up for me due to bank holidays hopefully have some new hacks soon 🙂

      • Gary Phipps says:

        Cool, how do you carry out the hack please Simon.

        • simon cox says:

          i have not got that far lol only just had these delivered, i have my kids on bank holidays etc so not had a lot of time as yet but working on it, i will keep you posted and any new hacks will be uploaded on my youtube also 🙂

      • simon cox says:

        hack shack done this morning radio shack sports 12-749 mute is clearly labeled on the circuit board (orange cable number 3) you will have to separate it from the others as its joined like a ribbon cable 🙂

        • simon cox says:

          Another hack, TEAC T-H300 AM/FM Tuner, circuit board clearly labeled you have to remove or cut 3 cables MUTE, TUNED, ST/MO, instead of cutting cables use a needle to lift the plastic tab on the connecter to remove cable completely then just insulate it, this tuner has to be connected to a amplifier and you will need a AM and FM aerial for better reception, this is a nice bit of kit only runs of the mains so ideal for sessions at home

  7. NEaR2k says:

    Good Afternoon Simon, I just scrounged up a Memorex mp3851blk and a GPX hm3817dt from my garage. Have you attempted to hack either of these? I have only glanced around but will continue to search for schematics. I will be cracking them open in the following days and as long as I dont find a ribbon, I will start testing. Thank You for all the good info!

    • simon cox says:

      Hi NEaR2k unfortunately these seem to be only available from the US i,m in the uk i would only import radios i know that can be hacked for sure otherwise it can turn into a very expensive hobby lol

      • NEaR2k says:

        No doubt. I got pretty bad for a while with surplus electronics. My wife keeps trying to get rid of my old square wave generators, but that is NOT happening. lol

  8. Gary Phipps says:

    Sorry to be a pain, but has anyone got a schematic/circuit diagram for a Roberts r9906 radio please.

  9. Gary Phipps says:

    Hi all,I have Roberts R9906 hacked, can anyone help me, how can I make the sweep speed rate adjustable cos I feel it’s a little slow,thanks in advance

    • simon cox says:

      Hi gary i couldnt find the schematics for this radio searched everywhere even tried Roberts themselves i,m hoping to find a sweep circuit guide so you have full control over the sweep

      • Gary Phipps says:

        Hiya Simon i looked everywhere too, if you can figure it out I would greatful if you could let me know but no doubt you will popst it .

  10. Mark says:

    Has anyone hacked a SliverCrest SWED100 A1? If so, how do you do it?

    • simon cox says:

      Hi mark, i have this radio on order and will be trying to hack it i will let you know how i get on 🙂

      • Mark says:

        Cheers Simon,
        I have had a look inside, and tried some things but cant get it mute on scan. The other thing that is not helpful, when you take it apart the display stays attached to the body of the radio, so you got to hope that it is scanning when you attempt to mute it

  11. Gary Phipps says:

    Roberts r9906 arrived today all hacked and ready to go, thanks to Simon Cox for kacking info

  12. Gary Phipps says:

    My name is Gary im thinking of buying a Roberts 9906, just wondering if anyone has hacked one & how its done thanks.

    • simon cox says:

      Hi Gary, i have hacked this one and its a simple hack if you look at my comments further down i have explained how to do it, i will be putting a youtube vid up friday 12th to give it a quick demo as i promised Ryan, my 9906 has a selector switch problem so sometimes gets noisey but i will do my best to show how it works. check me out on youtube just look for my name or the Roberts r9921 radio hack i put up, hope this helps you 🙂

  13. Robert Lasenby says:

    Hello. is it possible to hack the bush 950c FM radio. it’s a nice small hand held unit with built in speaker

    • simon says:

      Hi Robert i have just purchased this radio and will be trying to hack it i will let you know my results

      • Robert Lasenby says:

        Hi Simon I opened it up and had a look there is not much to it inside, but my skills would more than likely break it. Will be a great little ghost box if it can be done. I look forward to your results

        • simon cox says:

          Hi Robert i,m not having much luck with this one i did get it to sweep with sound but no reception just hiss, also the pcb board is very delicate and my soldering iron was to hot for it and it lifted some traces so i am waiting on a low wattage iron to be delivered then i will be trying again fingers crossed eh! 🙂

          • Robert Lasenby says:

            Hi Simon I might have a result but I’m not sure having never hacked a radio before. Try bridging out r26 it was sweeping with sound but it still stopped at the strongest stations. Let me know if this is going in the right direction cheers mate

        • simon cox says:

          Hi Robert you need to put a clothes peg on the up button so it constantly sweeps or anything to keep the button down where did you bridge r26 to? i found this one, also r37 i need to repair my board before i go any further i got my low wattage iron now well done though your getting close 🙂

          • Robert Lasenby says:

            Hi Simon, I just bridged it across itself , effectively cancelling that resistor out. So you would only have to put a blob of solder on it to make it permanent. I will check out r37 as well because maybe between the both it could just do it. I was thinking to lock the sweep button maybe add a transistor across it, so once pressed it will lock it self on

  14. daveywales says:

    Apart from ebay what are their any other sites to buy hacked radios from?

    • Andy says:

      can hack most anything, some require more than just a bent pin

      • Martin says:

        Hi Andy,my name is Martin, do you know what radios that are hackable in the UK all the ones I see are in the USA. Thanks in advance

        • simon says:

          Hi martin i,m in UK to best bet i think is look for radios with a auto scan function up and down buttons, write up a list of your choice then see if you can find a copy of the schematics for each radio that way you can find the MUTE on the radio easier, failling that get a cheap radio open it up and look for the cable that go from main pcb to control pcb if they are not labeled, starting from the right cut 1 cable testing the radio for sweep if that dont work re solder the cable you cut then cut the next in line and so on its trial and error but i agree with Andy pretty much any radio could be hacked to be made into a ghost box. on ebay right now 30/4/17 are 3 x Roberts R9906 for sale in UK i have hacked this radio myself this could be a good start for you cheapest one on there is only £20 anyway just thought i would give you a heads up on this if you or anyone decides to get this radio let me know and i will give info on what cable you cut. 🙂

          • Martin says:

            Hiya thanks for your help, iv found one that’s been refurbished on eBay and have bought it. if you don’t mind could you please send me any information I need to hack it, that would be awesome thanks again for your help

          • simon says:

            Your welcome Martin glad i could help, lay the radio on its front and remove the 5 screws 1 in each corner and 1 in battery compartment, (do not remove the screw at the base of the aerial) you will need to crank open the casing with a flat screw driver all the way round, then stand the radio up with the front facing you keeping it upright and gently lay the back part of the radio back putting something heavy behind to support it, you just want it open enough to get your hands in there, the first thing you should see is the 15 pin cable connector on the left side of the largest circuit board, this connector pulls off the board but is very tight prize each end with a screw driver until its loose enough to pull off, now you can either cut the white wire (MUTE) in the middle inbetween the grey and black wires or hook a needle under the little plastic tab inline with the white wire and pull it from the connector completely then just insulate it so it does not short out anything. plug the connector back in the board put your radio back together and your ready to go. when you first power on radio it searches for stations then when its finnished power on and hold down + or – for a couple seconds and it will start to sweep, hope this is clear enough for you good luck any problems reply here and i will get back to you ASAP 🙂

          • Martin says:

            Thanks for all your help I’ll let u know how I get on

          • Martin says:

            Thanks so much that was perfect it worked a treat. It sweeps really nice to. Thanks again

          • simon says:

            Thats cool Martin glad you hacked it ok, and yes it does have a nice sweep i have had some good responses off the Roberts r9906 🙂

          • Ryan says:

            By any chance do you have a youtube link, was wondering if it’s a quiet sweep or noisy like the p-sb7? Thank you for sharing this with us! Much appreciated.

          • simon says:

            Hi Ryan i would not say it is noisey than P-SB7 you got the usual radio hiss as it sweeps but i prefer to run my radios through my spirit box which is basically a mini guitar amp built in echo with a noise killer pedal and reverb, but its just personal choice as my ears are not to clever, i will try and get a demo vid up in next couple of days as i got Roberts r9921 Roberts r909 hacked aswell 🙂

          • Martin says:

            Hi Simon I’ve hacked the Roberts radio it’s definitely quieter than the psb7. Good little radio, I think it sweeps very nicely. Sorry to muscle in on the conversation but what guitar pedals and amp do you use? And how good do they work for you? Thanks in advance.

          • simon cox says:

            Hi martin jump in anytime if you like its good to share, i,m using a Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Guitar Amp it has built in echo and i have a Donner noise killer pedal about the cheapest but works well, and a T2 Reverb pedal i personally would not bother with reverb just echo and noise killer, my girlfriend brought my reverb for christmas so only reason why i use it, running hacked radios or P-SB7 – P-SB11 through this amp sounds really clear and its all portable as well but you could have a similar setup with a cheaper Amp i chose the black star because you can add a extension speaker and i got my pedals clamped to each end with strong velcro, i,m in the process of setting up a youtube channel just for sharing my hacks etc and i got about 7 hacked roberts 9921 radio’s for sale will be about £45 shipped, in UK only will be up on ebay by the weekend, i tried to leave a youtube link the other day but it got me banned for spam on here obviously not allowed to put links up 🙁 if you want to take a look just search my name simon cox or New Ghost box Roberts r9921 i will be doing more vids soon with the radio outside as i,m in a ground floor flat and dont really do the radio’s justice.

          • Gary Phipps says:

            Im thinking of getting one is it easy & which wire thanks

    • simon cox says:

      Hi davey are you in wales? i,m near cardiff if any good to you i have a few hacked radio’s 🙂

      • Martin says:

        Hi I’m also from Cardiff. I now live in pontypridd and also happy to help if needed? Thanks

        • simon cox says:

          Thats awesome Martin we are almost neighbours 🙂

          • Martin says:

            Hi Simon iv just seen the message about the amplifier and pedals.. Iv just order a blackstar fly 3 and the donner noise reduction pedal, That’s cool lol. I’ll definitely find u on YouTube thanks for letting me know. I’ll give you a big thumb up.. I’ll have alook on eBay to.iv got my ideas for Steve huff, he’s got some really to ideas. What do u think of using apps then? I have the scd-1and 2 very good to..

          • simon cox says:

            That is awesome Martin the blackstar makes a great spirit portal combined with the noise killer pedal just dont tweak your noise killer to much otherwise you could miss out on your weaker replies when doing a session, but your soon get the hang of it i,m sure, thats cool about the ideas i did to also as i was building my portal i came across if you search: PX1 SPIRIT GHOST BOX PORTAL ITC RESEARCH DEVICE (LIKE STEVE HUFF PORTAL) on youtube thats kinda what my portal looks like but i have the extension speaker with mine i got the cross to hopefully keep away negative spirits, I really like some of the apps out there eXtremeSenses dot com has some amazing apps but they are for pc only my favourite so far is Infinity box GBX edition and android apps has to be AppyDroid he has a great selection and free to, check them out they both got some great vids on youtube 🙂

  15. Rodney says:

    HI all i got radio shack 20-125 how can i hack this one Thank you Rod

  16. Martin says:

    Hi my name is Martin, I live in the UK, I’m looking for a radio that I can hack. Not having much luck with the list provide here I’m afraid can any one help me further thanks

  17. Rob says:

    RadioShack 12-808 is hackable too

  18. Rodney says:

    Hi there all I got Memorex2Xtreme how do i make it a grost box

  19. Jeff says:

    How do you hook up an Echo pedal to the Radio Shack 20-125 pics would be nice or a step by step. Thank you

  20. michael says:

    i think i may have made a mistake , i ordered and got the 12-150, now on the webpage the back said 12-150 but when it arrived it said 12-150A . is this hack-able or am out the cash i just forked over. thank for any reply

  21. Jeffery McKinney says:

    Does anyone know how to hack the Radio Shack 12-888? The board is not labeled. The radio looks like a big 12-469. Thanks!

  22. Joe schmoe says:

    Isn’t there a way to find the mute wire in the ribbon models by using a multi-meter?

  23. james shaw says:

    Where is mute wire on dt 200v ihave 1 pins 1 with wires has to say mute somewhere.

  24. Jayson says:

    What pin do you have to bend on the Sangean Dt400w? I tried the 4th on the 10 pin connector but it still stops on the stations.

  25. Bill says:

    My older Sony Walkman Model SRF M32 works great just holding down the scan button, actually it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard 🙂

    • ITC Voices says:

      That’s pretty damn cool. Nothing like a hack where all you need is a small clamp!

    • simon says:

      I tried this the sweep is way to fast and sounds terrible 🙁

      • Andy says:

        have to add a separate circuit to control all that cause i is to fast

        • simon says:

          would love to know how to do that linear sweep i have 2 radio shack 12-589 and 12-150 i would like to fit in seen them on youtube but no instructions how though

          • simon says:

            just recently hacked the Roberts ATS r9921, remove the 2 screws from the back (not the aerial screw) lay the radio on its back and remove front cover, on left of circuit board remove the screw and unclip all round the board, lift it carefully and hook finger under at the front and pull the 19 pin ribbon cable forward right hand side 1st cable in line is what you snip, i used a razor blade and sliced down side of ribbon cable then prized it forward enough to clip with nail cutters then a little insulation tape over cable to prevent shorting out, put the radio back together there you go you now have a radio and a ghost box, scans at a nice speed on all bands 🙂

          • LadyDeath says:

            On the Roberts R9921 is it the right hand side wit respect to the front of the radio??

          • LadyDeath says:

            Nevermind. I guess I should have read it twice lol.

          • LadyDeath says:

            I did what you suggested. The radio scans now but there is no sound. Any suggestions?

          • LadyDeath says:

            I ended up rewiring the speaker and it works now. I had also clipped the far left rather than far right so I just reattached those wires. 🙁 Anyway, I got it going!!!! wish you had left up the video. I tried to pull it apart the make a video on the hack, but I decided I am not going to risk detaching the wires that I reconnected. Glad you at least left this info up. I got my Roberts on ebay for $7. What a steal! Finally got my first non manual ghost box!!!!!!

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  27. Saul says:

    There are quite a few new hacks that are left off of here. When I have more time I can add a few more to the list.

  28. […] note, there is an updated hackable radio ghost box list current as of 2014 located on our Updated List of Hackable Radios […]

    • Andy says:

      so where is everyone? I am 99.999999999999999999999999% sure that most any can be modified to do as you want, if I had some models to use I would try get them hacked, I am electronic Engineering Tech so I think I can handle it, anyone wanting to make donations of radios I will be more than happy to get it done

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