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Current List of Hackable Radios

The basic method for hacking a radio has involved finding the mute wire and cutting it, or in some radios, finding the mute pin and snapping it off.  The goal in hacking a radio is to remove the mute feature while the radio is in scan mode – this allows all of the white noise and static to come through during the scan.  The working theory is that this additional noise allows for communication to occur through the ghost boxes.

Since 2012, there have been several radios that have been re-released with newer circuitry and are considered unhackable for ghost box purposes (including the Radio Shack and Sangean models). The newer versions of the classic ghost box radios now generally have a ribbon connector which makes hacking these radios to make ghost boxes next to impossible.

We are sure this list is incomplete as there are new radios being hacked all the time; and if you have a radio that is not included on this list that can be hacked, please let us know by emailing ITC@ITCvoices.org so we may include it.

List of Hackable “Shack Hack,” Type Ghost Box Radios – 2014

This list should be used in conjunction with the ghost box types information provided on this site in 2011.

Radio Shack Hackable Ghost Boxes

Radio Shack Model 12-587

Radio Shack Model 1200587 (requires soldering and an external switch)

Radio Shack Model 12-150

Radio Shack Model 20-125

    • Updated to the 200125 with the new model; the new model is not hackable.

Radio Shack Model 12-589

Radio Shack Model 12-820

Radio Shack Model 12-469

Radio Shack Model 12-470

Radio Shack Model 12-588

Radio Shack Model 12-804

Radio Shack Model 12-791

Radio Shack Model 12-174

    • This is a Sangean DT-200V that has been repackaged for Radio Shack.

Radio Shack Model 12-802

Radio Shack Model 16-626

Optimus Hackable Ghost Boxes

Optimus Model 12-792 (need to cut the beep wire as well)

Sangean Hackable Ghost Boxes

Note: Sangean’s are mostly shipping with ribbons now as opposed to the pin and wire circuit boards.  There are no known hacks for the ribbon models yet.

Sangean Model DT-200x (pre-2012 models only)

Sangean Model DT-200vx (pre-2012 models only)

Sangean Model DT-200v

Sangean Model DT-400w

Sangean ATS-909

Sony Walkman Hackable Ghost Boxes

These Sony Walkman series ghost boxes are not “hacked,” per se; rather the ghost box function is obtained via clamping the scan button or holding it down.

Sony Walkman Model SRF M37w

Sony Walkman Model SRF M37v

Jensen Hackable Ghost Boxes

Jensen Model SAB-55b

    • The SAB-55a and SAB-55c are not hackable versions of this radio.

Coby Hackable Ghost Boxes

Coby CX96 

Hitachi Hackable Ghost Boxes

Hitachi KH-25

Grundig Hackable Ghost Boxes

Grundig Satellit 700

  • This box is sweepable directly out of the box from the manufacturer

Koss Hackable Ghost Boxes

Koss PP257

Memorex Hackable Ghost Boxes

Memorex 2Xtreme



  1. daveywales says:

    Apart from ebay what are their any other sites to buy hacked radios from?

  2. Rodney says:

    HI all i got radio shack 20-125 how can i hack this one Thank you Rod

  3. Martin says:

    Hi my name is Martin, I live in the UK, I’m looking for a radio that I can hack. Not having much luck with the list provide here I’m afraid can any one help me further thanks

  4. Rob says:

    RadioShack 12-808 is hackable too

  5. Rodney says:

    Hi there all I got Memorex2Xtreme how do i make it a grost box

  6. Jeff says:

    How do you hook up an Echo pedal to the Radio Shack 20-125 pics would be nice or a step by step. Thank you

  7. michael says:

    i think i may have made a mistake , i ordered and got the 12-150, now on the webpage the back said 12-150 but when it arrived it said 12-150A . is this hack-able or am out the cash i just forked over. thank for any reply

  8. Jeffery McKinney says:

    Does anyone know how to hack the Radio Shack 12-888? The board is not labeled. The radio looks like a big 12-469. Thanks!

  9. Joe schmoe says:

    Isn’t there a way to find the mute wire in the ribbon models by using a multi-meter?

  10. james shaw says:

    Where is mute wire on dt 200v ihave 1 pins 1 with wires has to say mute somewhere.

  11. Jayson says:

    What pin do you have to bend on the Sangean Dt400w? I tried the 4th on the 10 pin connector but it still stops on the stations.

  12. Bill says:

    My older Sony Walkman Model SRF M32 works great just holding down the scan button, actually it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard 🙂

    • ITC Voices says:

      That’s pretty damn cool. Nothing like a hack where all you need is a small clamp!

    • simon says:

      I tried this the sweep is way to fast and sounds terrible 🙁

      • Andy says:

        have to add a separate circuit to control all that cause i is to fast

        • simon says:

          would love to know how to do that linear sweep i have 2 radio shack 12-589 and 12-150 i would like to fit in seen them on youtube but no instructions how though

          • simon says:

            just recently hacked the Roberts ATS r9921, remove the 2 screws from the back (not the aerial screw) lay the radio on its back and remove front cover, on left of circuit board remove the screw and unclip all round the board, lift it carefully and hook finger under at the front and pull the 19 pin ribbon cable forward right hand side 1st cable in line is what you snip, i used a razor blade and sliced down side of ribbon cable then prized it forward enough to clip with nail cutters then a little insulation tape over cable to prevent shorting out, put the radio back together there you go you now have a radio and a ghost box, scans at a nice speed on all bands 🙂

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  14. Saul says:

    There are quite a few new hacks that are left off of here. When I have more time I can add a few more to the list.

  15. […] note, there is an updated hackable radio ghost box list current as of 2014 located on our Updated List of Hackable Radios […]

    • Andy says:

      so where is everyone? I am 99.999999999999999999999999% sure that most any can be modified to do as you want, if I had some models to use I would try get them hacked, I am electronic Engineering Tech so I think I can handle it, anyone wanting to make donations of radios I will be more than happy to get it done

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