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Tim Woolworth – Bio of a Ghost Box Enthusiast

Ghost Boxer Bio – Tim Woolworth

by Tim Woolworth

My name is Tim Woolworth.  I love using ghost boxes, but I have had an interest in the paranormal since my childhood years.  I fondly remember my grandmother telling me stories about family members seeing ghosts and we would often stay up late talking about all things paranormal.

My mother is a very devout Christian. Growing up in her house, I was entranced by the books on demonology and the paranormal that she kept around the house. She used them as study aids to learn about Satan and the forms he took. I remember long hours looking at the old wood-cuts, reading about the Salem witch trials, and reading every little thing I could my hands on.

I am sure the paranormal literature I’ve read fed my desire to get in touch with the other side. My life’s path has also directed me towards the paranormal. When I was only five months old, there was a medical problem. My electrolytes and my salt content was not in check thanks to a misdiagnoses. In a matter of two weeks, this lead to my being critically dehydrated to the point where I was on deaths door in the emergency room.

I have, as long as I can remember, been an atheist. But, I do have spirituality. Am I a walking oxymoron? Yeah, I think so. I believe in an energy that we all share that transcends this body, but I do not believe in the Christian dogma’s of heaven and hell. To explore my beliefs further, take a gander at the articles that I have written. I liken myself to being a spiritual atheist.

Regardless of my beliefs being set against Christianity, I continued my paranormal studies off and on for years. Most of the places I moved in to as an adult had some kind of haunting activity present. These just fueled my interest in the paranormal.

For example, I lived in an apartment in Hollywood, Ca. (the same apartment part of My Fair Lady was filmed in). Each and every night, around three in the morning, something would bang on my bedroom door hard enough to not only create a loud bang, but at times I could actually see the door handle rattle from the impact. During my years in this apartment, I was a live sound engineer; so when these events happened, I was usually just getting ready for bed after a night working at the club. This paranormal event happened with such regularity that I named the presence doing it “Jules” and would refer to him by name when it happened.

When I moved back to New York State at the age of 26, I experienced haunted activity in the places I lived. My first place had a presence that was benign. I watched with fascination as the cellar door would open in front of me, or the living room lights would flicker non-stop at times and then be fine. I would have normally attributed this to electrical problems, but, the landlord was a union electrician who wired the place himself. He witnessed the flickering lights one time while there and could find nothing that could be the cause.

At 28, I moved to a different apartment in Syracuse and experienced object manipulation. I am a writer, I write poems and fiction. I was attending Syracuse University for my English degree at the time. In the front room of that apartment, I kept all of my books. One day, I heard a big thud come from that room. It was so loud that I figured a blind had fallen to the floor. When I got to the room, I was quite surprised to find one of my books on the topic of writing was in the middle of the room, lying on the floor about seven feet from the bookcases. The book in question had been on a densely packed top shelf that is located about six feet off the floor. Only that book was moved, and neither book on either side of its place on the shelf was disturbed. Having a long-time interest in the paranormal, my interest was certainly piqued at this point.  Then the same thing happened a couple months later….with the same book!

So I looked around my local area to search out a paranormal group. I found out that Central New York Ghost Hunters was the best group in my area. I met with the group’s founder, the inimitable Stacey Jones, and I knew that I was heading in the right direction. I already had some gear, but I started to buy more in an attempt to quantify the haunted activity I was bearing witness to. I became the typically ghost hunter running around with EMF detectors and talking to nobody in the dark. It was a lot of fun and I experienced some great activity, locations, and I made a lot of friends.

As I became more active in Central New York Ghost Hunters, I was introduced to a Shack Hack by Stacey. Coincidentally, it is the first Shack Hack ever! It was given to her by Bill Chappell, the man who intuited the first Hack while thinking over the Frank’s Box.

At first, all I heard was noise coming from the ghost box. I had real trouble distinguishing voices coming though, and the clicking was driving me nuts. I started to record the Shack Hack sessions during investigations so I could listen to them with more scrutiny in the confines of my own home. No one else in the group was recording these sessions at the time.

For quite a while, I didn’t believe there to be anything to the ghost box phenomenon. I figured it was random words and radio broadcast fragments that were coming through, so I generally dismissed it as a paranormal tool.

Luckily, my audio engineering background helped me. I learned to concentrate in order to listen through the clicks for the underlying voice. When I learned how to listen properly, I was blown away. At that point, I was sold on communication through ghost boxes. Now, I don’t even think twice about sitting down in a room in my home, or a supposedly haunted location, and talk to a broken radio.

So needless to say, I bought a radio and hacked it based on Steve Hultay’s hack instructions that he has posted on his website. I knew that there must be something better though. I started tooling around the web looking for information on the Frank’s Box because Stacey had mentioned it to me. I could not find much at first, and I set the idea aside and continued to play with my little Shack Hack.

Some time later, in October 2009, I was giving a public talk about ghost hunting to a group of people at a metaphysical shop here in Syracuse. Two of the members of Central New York Ghost Hunters were there watching me (I think Stacey sent them to spy on me, I’ll have to ask her someday). After the talk was over, one of the members told be that Chris Moon was giving a talk the next day, which just happened to be Halloween, at a college about an hour and a half away.  I was overjoyed that he was bringing a Frank’s Box for demonstration.

Obviously, nothing could hold me back from going.

It was interesting to listen to Chris’ presentation about the paranormal, but I was waiting patiently for the box and wasn’t interested in hearing some blather about orbs. When he finally plugged in his Frank’s Box into the auditorium PA, I was shocked at the sounds. They were so unlike a Shack Hack. I listened very carefully like I had trained myself to do, and I started to make out responses but I was still unsure.

Chris then lead the audience over to the dorms. We went into a building where mafia activity supposedly took place in the early 20th century and that there had been a multiple homicide event there. Chris set-up on a pool table and allowed the audience to come up and ask a question. I recorded that session and I still listen back to it from time to time. When kids asked questions of deceased love ones in foreign languages, I was stunned to hear foreign language replies. What really sold me was when one girl’s grandmother was crossed over by Chris and his box technician, Ty.

Hanging out with Chris afterwards, I asked a million questions and he obliged answers.

I now knew I had to delve into this full time.

So I did.

I tracked down Yahoo forums and started consuming all things ITC. A mere two weeks after hearing Moon speak, I stumbled across a man selling his Paranormal Systems Minibox Plus on an auction site for less than half of what they cost brand new. It happened to be at a time when I had money in hand (which was rare at the time because I was still a student). It was a match made in heaven.

When I got the box, I fired it right up and was immediately disappointed. I couldn’t hear anything and it didn’t sound like a Frank’s Box to me. I lost a lot of enthusiasm at that moment. I tried it a few more times over the following days, and my opinion was that I had wasted my money. But, I continued to try sessions on the box. Then about two weeks later, I turned the box on again and it yelled “Tim” right at me. Yes, I got that feeling all ghost hunters get: the hair on my arms and legs stood up straight while rooted in gooseflesh. I had never heard something that clear come from a Shack Hack.  Now I am inseparable from my Minibox Plus. I bought an external amplifier for it so I can play it really loud to catch as much as I can when I conduct a session.

Recently, I came into possession of my first Frank’s Box.  One year to the day that I saw a Frank’s Box used by Chris Moon, I met Frank Sumption for the first time on Halloween 2010.  Frank gave me Frank’s Box #72 that night and I am eternally grateful.  Having a Frank’s Box opened up new paths for me to communicate with the Others and I am so glad to be one of the select few to own one of these boxes.

I have also come into possession of some other select boxes, such as a Joe’s Box made by Joe Cioppi and a Steve’s Box made by Steve Hultay.

Even though I do sessions constantly, I can still hear only 30-40% of what comes through in real time. That is why it is essential to record every session to listen to results later on. I have developed a group of Others who work with me when I turn my ghost boxes on. I have a technician who relays my questions and comments to the Others and directs their responses. I have numerous recordings where you can hear my technician doing this. I have also had Others ask for help, and on occasion, musical Others who sing to me. They have accepted communicating with me, and I love to hear from them.

I recorded the clip that changed my whole perspective of ITC on March 26th, 2010 when I was in Gettysburg. This audio clip taught me that we, as ITC researchers, have a responsibility to the Others that lies beyond our own intellectual curiosity. I helped at least two spirits, a woman and a boy, cross over in that audio clip. This cemented for me the fact that there is so much more than our life here on earth awaiting us, but I am still unsure about every detail of the afterlife except for an solid inclination that it exists. As a result of this session, I came up with the idea for this website and the initial version of this site was up by the end of April, 2010.

That moment was the “A Ha!” ITC ghost box experience that I had been waiting for.

Currently, I live close to Detroit and I have joined a new ghost hunting group – the Motor City Ghost Hunters.  If you need any assistance with a haunting in your home or business, please contact us.

There is so much more to tell, but this document is not supposed to be a memoir! So, if you have any questions for me, or if there is a way I can help you, please get in contact with me by emailing tim@itcvoices.org and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.


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