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The PRD-1000 by Chicago Spirit Wave

The PRD-1000 Ghost Box

Andrew Openlander of Chicago Spirit Wave has finally released the test video of his new ghost box, the PRD-1000. The PRD-1000 is a big step towards multi-functional ghost boxes and has been in development for months. The initial run will be limited to 10 ghost boxes total; all of which have been sold at this point. The PRD-1000 has included a rechargeable battery and a telescopic antenna. Those who are familiar with the Model E Andy’s Boxes will be pleased to know it contains the same echo circuit with added controls for depth and repeat. The sweep is a complete FM band range with four usable modes including a special random mode; all modes have a wide range sweep speed control. The LED’s show the sweep speed. In addition to the quality high fidelity speaker, there is a line out. To top it off, the PRD-1000 ghost box is housed in a custom steel enclosure with gorgeous stainless steel face plate.



  1. Chuck Arendas says:

    Is Chicagospiritwave still in busniess? How do we contact andy or his father to have a box built?

  2. Jeff Reynolds says:

    Hello I’m just wondering if you still make these incredible boxes?

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