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The Key to ITC is Harmony Amongst Researchers

A technician has a message for all ITC researchers and experimenters:

We have no intention or desire to become the center of attention through our ITC results, be they audio or video. We do not want to force on you our understandings. It is rather difficult to speak about ourselves, not because of false modesty but out of the awareness that individual experimenters are not important, only the cooperation between them is. Our initial pride and euphoria over our first clear voices soon made way to a sobering thought: We suddenly were faced with a great responsibility and the decision whether to keep the voices to ourselves or make them public. We decided to make them public. This was not only our will, the spiritual dimension wanted it also. I am convinced ITC contacts would have ceased if we had declined cooperation with other experimenters, and had refused to pass on what we had learned.

As you know, it is not an easy task to pass on information from spirit. Some people question the integrity of these contacts. Very faint voices are suspected to be the products of the experimenter’s overactive imagination. Loud, clear voices could not possibly have come from spirit sources, some people argue, although everyone assumes the superiority of that dimension. Caution is in order, but many have hurt themselves more by exaggerated fear and caution than by a high degree of trust and confidence. Everyone has the right to question this report, for instance. Doubt and suspicion are part of the basic nature of man and should not be suppressed. But doubts should be expressed openly, not maliciously and not in a destructive manner.

I assure you that the accounts we are sharing with you are not fictitious but are our experiences with entities who communicate with us by radio and telephone and show themselves on out TV screen. I would be most happy if you could give me your confidence. I do not want to influence you, but neither do I want to keep from you the message of the Technician:

In the future, voice contacts will be built upon the unity and harmony among experimenters and researchers.

(Harsch-Fischbach, Maggy. Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication. P.48)



  1. Susan Keats says:

    I love that you wrote this since I have seen animosity building between some researchers, based mostly on ego I think. A civil approach and a sense of camaraderie and working together makes so much more sense. Thank you for writing on the topic and encouraging researchers to keep things civil.

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