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The Ghost Box Collective Experiments 2014

ITC Voices Ghost Box Collective Experiment Results from 2014

In the Spring of 2014, the Ghost Box Collective began to take form. Three experiments were conducted in order to ascertain if the communication intelligence from the Others would offer the same or like answers. We also wanted to know if the Others would be able to show us that they know everyone who communicates with them.

The premise was very simple. A group of ghost boxers all agreed to do the same experiment at the same time GMT. We had experimenters in Europe and the United States. Depending upon the experiment, we had between five to seven persons participating in the Collective Experiment. The goal was to keep the numbers low in order to see if the experiment was worth continuing on a larger scale.

The Ghost Box Collective required that prior to the experiment, a protocol is to be read out loud, the question is then asked and the recording goes on for two full minutes without the ghost boxer saying a word. At the end of two minutes, an additional fifteen seconds is offered to the other side before closing down the ghost box. Every experimenter used a box that they felt was good for them the night of the experiment so the choice of equipment was not uniform.

Success was measured by the words that came through the boxes. Any communications not directly related to the answer was thrown out.


Information About the First Three Ghost Box Collective Experiments

The first Ghost Box Collective experiment was conducted on June 26th, 2014. The question we posed was:

Do you know the name of the device we use to communicate with you? If so, can you say what this device is?

We were looking for answers that directly mentioned radio, ghost box, Frank’s Box, hack or spirit box. None of the experimenters received the keys words so the first experiment was considered a failure.

The second experiment for the Ghost Box Collective took place on  July 17th, 2014. The question posed this time was:

Do you know the name of anyone else speaking to you right now, at this time, for this experiment? If so, who?

This was a direct question that could only have seven possible answers as there were seven experimenters. Of the seven experimenters, three names came through: Mary, Brenda and Tim.

We considered this quite a success as it was the first time such an experiment had been conducted successfully.

Following up on the heels of experiment two, a third and final experiment for 2014 took place on August 14, 2014. This question for this one was designed to attempt to codify our knowledge about the other side from their perspective. We did not know what the proper answer was because we simply cannot until we die. The question was:

Where is the first place you go when you die?

In metaphysical thinking, and through medical research of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), the usually accepted answer is “light.” We had five persons conducting this experiment and the word “light” came through for three of the experimenters in the Ghost Box Collective.

In addition to “light,” the word “portal” was recorded and a message about finding your loved ones.

All of these things have been taught to us over the years. The narrative typically states that when you die, there is a light that is a portal to the next life. Within this light, you will find family members and loved ones.

We can say that according to our experiment, this seems to be the case but more experimentation will be needed.

Just to reiterate: each of these three experiments had experimenters who agreed to conduct the experiment at the exact same date and time. We felt that this might make the contact field a little deeper by focusing our individual session intents. We cannot be sure if the simultaneous intent helped.

To keep the experiment above board, for the successful experiments (numbers two and three), the audio files used in the video are supplied here so you can listen to the raw audio for yourself in order to make your own informed judgment.

Ghost Box Collective Experiment #2

The following audio files are the actual session files from the second Ghost Box Collective Experiment that were used in the video above. This is the experiment where we sought the names of other investigators conducting this experiment.

Cas Henzel – “Brenda” located at ~00:39

Tim Woolworth – “Brenda” located at ~00:28

Greg Manchester – “Mary” located at ~00.44

Joshua Sean – “Timothy” located at ~00.16;

“Good night Tim” located at ~01:43

Ghost Box Collective Experiment #3

The following audio files are the actual session files from the third Ghost Box Collective Experiment that were used in the video above. This is the experiment where we asked where was the first place one goes upon dying.

Tim Woolworth – “Light” located at ~00.32;

“Portal” located at ~00.59

Shannon Byers – “Light” located at ~00:12

Greg Manchester – “We’ll die with you over time. Turns it. Work it. Thought I mentioned, Light” located at ~00:25.

“You find your love and follow your loved one. They can choose” located at ~01:25

In Conclusion

The Ghost Box Collective experiments are off to a great start. So far we have shown that those on the other side can share knowledge with several researchers at the same time. We have shown that they know all who are communicating with them at any given time.

More importantly, the answer of “light” as the first place you go when you die was quite reassuring.

We cannot be sure if the answers are consciousness projection or valid communication from the other side. This is only the beginning of years of experimentation to come. In the next few weeks we will begin anew with a new round of experiments. We will be expanding the experiment group slightly for this next round and preference will go to those who have already contacted us regarding experiment participation.

If you find this interesting, please let us know! We have a forum for discussion or you can leave a comment on this page at the bottom. Thank you for watching and take from this what you will.



  1. Luis says:

    I love the prd 1000 how can i purchase one. The prd 1000 is one of the great spirit box that I’ve heard with clear response.

  2. Seeker says:

    im not surprised that answers were more consistently received when more personal and emotionally relevant questions were asked… the one question which ive never failed to get a response on is: are you happy or sad? always there was at least one response using the words happy or sad…. personal and emotionally relevant questions seem to evoke more of a reaction…. great job with these!

  3. Stephoria says:

    Great experimentation, look forward to seeing more of these.

  4. Dfawcett says:

    Incredible. I would love to be a participant.

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