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    Fraud Has No Place in ITC

    It’s a sad day for ITC… To start, this post is from the founder of ITC Voices, Tim Woolworth. I stand by every statement. On July 4, 2018, a video by Amanda Grace started making the social media rounds regarding Steve Huff, a well-known figure...
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    Minibox Plus Session: Eva, Huff, Frank, Crossing Over & More

    This Minibox Plus ghost box session was a short one at only five minutes in length. During this session, you will hear a lot of amazing spirit conversation. There is mention of running to the light and crossing over; my first and last name is...
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    Addressing the State of Ghost Box ITC Today

    This post has been a long time coming… by Tim Woolworth I know that this post will have some personal blow-back and for that reason, I was reticent to write it. I may lose some “friends,” over this, but I am OK with that. This...