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    Theosophy Primer on the Astral Plane

    Theosophical Teachings about Post-Life Human Spirit in the Astral World You may not know about Theosophy, but if you are reading this on ITC Voices, chances are you have been made aware of many of the Theosophical tenets due to them being re-appropriated by modern Spiritualism and...
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    What Changes When You Die?

    Martin Coleman sums up what it is like to become spirit after death… “When a person dies they are no wiser than they were when they were alive. There is no special knowledge gained through the process of death. The dead spirit will have the...
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    Edgar Cayce on Communication From the Afterlife

    Edgar Cayce speaks of communication on both sides of the veil in a reading… “First, let it be understood there is the pattern in the material or physical plane of every condition as exists in the cosmic or spiritual plane, for things spiritual and things...
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    Thomas Edison on the Use of ITC to Communicate with Spirits

    Thomas Edison was working on an apparatus to communicate with Spirits that was intended to record communication… “I am working on the theory that our personality exists after what we call life leaves our present material bodies. If our personality dies, what’s the use of...
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    Letter: Advice on Negative Spirits and Lost Souls

    How I Handle Negative Spirits and Lost Souls Dealing with the light and crossing over spirits is a common theme in the letters I receive. This letter comes from an Echovox user from Ireland who has concerns about potential negative spirit interaction and helping to...
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    Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber

    Mad Anthony Paranormal Society (MAPS) Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber Written by Curt Brahm, Founder, Lead Investigator Disclaimer: This article was originally written when I was part of another paranormal group and evidence used within this article was obtained during that time frame. I...
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    Ethics and Ghost Box Communication

    Ethics and Ghost Box Communication By Tim Woolworth Should Ethics be Considered in Ghost Box Communication? The question of ethical choice has plagued man throughout his cognitive existence.  What constitutes “good” and what can result from following a notion of “good?”  The questions surrounding ethics...
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