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    The Wicked Domain with Alex Matsuo

    Last Radio Show of 2015 The Wicked Domain Interviews Tim Woolworth Alex Matsuo, the host of The Wicked Domain radio show on Live Paranormal’s Radio Network, conducted a one hour interview with me on December 20, 2015. The hour went very smoothly with the exception...
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    Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio with Andre Wullaert

    New Radio Show Added! Paranormalities and Ponderings Radio with Tim Woolworth and Andre Wullaert I was invited by Frank Lee, the host of Paranormalities and Ponderings, to come back on his radio show for an interview. This time I was thrilled to be invited back because Andre...
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    ITC Voices on the Radio

    A List of Radio Shows Featuring ITC Voices In addition to presenting at conferences, Tim Woolworth of ITC Voices is often asked to be interviewed on various radio programs, both in-studio and online via Skype, Telephone and Google Hangouts. These radio shows are a great...