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    Ghost Box ITC at Home: A Note for Beginners

    What You Need to Know Before Doing Ghost Box ITC Sessions in Your Home The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. – Carl Jung Modern ITC methods, including EVP and ghost box ITC can...
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    ITC Voices: Expanding Our Knowledge in 2015!

    A New Year, A New Purpose As we enter 2015, ITC Voices enters its fifth year providing you with articles, observations, audio, video and quotes related to spirituality and ITC. This post is more of an observation than the typical article I pen for this...
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    ITC Software: Random Audio ITC Research Tools

    Modern ITC Software: Are They Valid Paranormal Research Tools? Tim Woolworth – December 2014 *Please note that since the publication of this article, ITC Voices in no way endorses, recommends, nor uses products made by Ghost Hunter Apps. The videos seen below are trial runs of...
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    Maurice Maeterlinck on the Unknown

    Maeterlinck’s description of the Unknown is very apt for the field of ITC… “It is an Unknown that is even more unknown than the one we think we know; it is an Unknown not of our universe; not the one we have gradually turned into...
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    A Skeptic Considering the Paranormal

    Sometimes all it takes is a single event to change your perspective… “What does this mean? Had it happened to someone else I might suggest a chance electrical anomaly and the law of large numbers as an explanation – with billions of people having billions of...
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    Bill Murphy Discusses Frank Sumption on Coast to Coast AM

    Frank Sumption is remembered by his friend Bill Murphy in the first hour of Coast to Coast on 20aug14 Bill Murphy is a long-time friend of Frank Sumption. Over the years, Bill worked hard to get Frank’s Boxes out into the hands of reputable paranormal researchers...
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    Rest in Peace Frank Sumption

    The Paranormal Community Mourns the Loss of Frank Sumption The paranormal community lost one of it’s most powerful minds with the passing of Frank Sumption on August 16th, at about 11pm, MST, of an apparent heart attack. Our hearts are heavy with this news and...
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    Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber

    Mad Anthony Paranormal Society (MAPS) Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber Written by Curt Brahm, Founder, Lead Investigator Disclaimer: This article was originally written when I was part of another paranormal group and evidence used within this article was obtained during that time frame. I...
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    Spiritual Protection

    Spiritual Protection 101 by Ray McCarthy On the Importance of Spiritual Protection Whether you are a Ghost Hunter, Ghost Box user, or just someone that likes to walk on the paranormal side of things, you need to know how to protect yourself against the energies...
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    Editing and Manipulating Ghost Box Audio Files

    Ghost Boxer Tim Woolworth discusses editing ghost box audio clips to clean them up and the effects of edited ghost box audio on ghost box research and the ghost box community as a whole.
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