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    Matt Payne’s Ouija Box #2 Sound Test

    Ouija Box? Yes. Matt Payne, of Paranormal Shadow Investigations, has designed a personal ghost box using a Ouija Board. While not the first to design a Ouija Board (Frank Sumption was the first), this box is beautifully constructed and is sounding good. It also allows...
  • Articles, Curt Brahm, Ghost Box Tech

    Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber

    Mad Anthony Paranormal Society (MAPS) Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber Written by Curt Brahm, Founder, Lead Investigator Disclaimer: This article was originally written when I was part of another paranormal group and evidence used within this article was obtained during that time frame. I...
  • Articles, Tim Woolworth, Where To Start

    Ethics and Ghost Box Communication

    Ethics and Ghost Box Communication By Tim Woolworth Should Ethics be Considered in Ghost Box Communication? The question of ethical choice has plagued man throughout his cognitive existence.  What constitutes “good” and what can result from following a notion of “good?”  The questions surrounding ethics...