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    Infinity Box EXP Edition Windows Software FREE

    eXtreme Senses Infinity Box EXP Edition Software for Free! The good people over at eXtreme Senses Software have elected to give away their Infinity Box EXP edition Windows software for free. No gimmicks. No strings attached. The Infinity Box came to fruition based upon the experimentation...
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    Greg Manchester’s Flea Market Ghost Box

    Greg Manchester’s Repurposed HAM Equipment for Ghost Box Use Greg Manchester has been on the leading edge of ghost box design for quite some time now. Greg is always looking for new ways to make a workable ghost box. At a recent flea market, Greg bought...
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    Greg Manchester’s White Box Session

    Greg Manchester of Talking to Spirits unveiled his latest ghost box project today – the White Box. This session speaks for itself as the communication is pretty solid. We’re pretty sure Greg’s name was said in this session too, but it wasn’t annotated. Can you find...
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    Experimental Dual Audio Sweep Using an RS-150

    Greg Manchester of Talking to Spirits has once again attempted new forms of experimental ghost box communication. This time, he uses the standard sweep of a Radio Shack RS-150 Shack Hack Ghost Box with .mp3 files of previously recorded foreign language audio from the Shtooka Project....
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    Myst Ghost Box by Greg Manchester

    Greg Manchester is at it again! He has created several ghost boxes over the last few months and Myst is his latest creation. In addition to a variable sweep, he included a microphone to pick up ambient sounds as well.
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    Greg Manchester’s Tormaigh Box

    Greg Manchester of Talking To Spirits is putting the finishing touches on a new custom ghost box, the Tormaigh. The box sounds really good. Congratulations Greg on a job well done!
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    Ghost Box ITC Session Using a Guitar Amp

    Greg Manchester of Talking2Spirits recorded an amazing session using a Sangean DT-200x and a guitar amplifier. There is a ton of communication in this clip and it contains both breakthrough and fragmentative reception along with some great harmonic voices. Definitely worth a view!