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    ITC Voices: Expanding Our Knowledge in 2015!

    A New Year, A New Purpose As we enter 2015, ITC Voices enters its fifth year providing you with articles, observations, audio, video and quotes related to spirituality and ITC. This post is more of an observation than the typical article I pen for this...
  • Tim Woolworth

    Addressing the State of Ghost Box ITC Today

    This post has been a long time coming… by Tim Woolworth I know that this post will have some personal blow-back and for that reason, I was reticent to write it. I may lose some “friends,” over this, but I am OK with that. This...
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    Ethics and Ghost Box Communication

    Ethics and Ghost Box Communication By Tim Woolworth Should Ethics be Considered in Ghost Box Communication? The question of ethical choice has plagued man throughout his cognitive existence.  What constitutes “good” and what can result from following a notion of “good?”  The questions surrounding ethics...