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    Be a part of ITC Voices. ITC Voices is always looking for ghost boxers to contribute articles, audio or video to the site for the world to see.  The purpose of the site is to showcase evidence while teaching people new to ghost box communication....
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    Ghost Box Collective

    An Attempt to Examine the Limits of Ghost Box Communication The Ghost Box Collective One of the primary goals at ITC Voices is to examine all aspects of ghost box communication through the cooperation of ghost boxers and ghost box builders alike. We have known for...
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    Ghost Boxes

    Ghost Boxes:  Boutique Ghost Boxes and Hacked Radio Ghost Boxes There are several types of ghost boxes available today.  There are custom boxes (Frank’s Box, Joe’s Box); pre-packaged radios which have a universal modification (all “hack” models); mass marketed ghost boxes (Minibox, P-SB7); and pre-packaged...
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    What We Know, and Don’t Know, about Ghost Box Communication

    Ghost Box Communication is Still a Mystery. Tim Woolworth 15 May 2014 The mechanism by which the Others communicate with us via the ghost box is a mystery.  There is no positive, repeatable science regarding the formation of EVP, let alone ghost box communication. That being...
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    Ghost Box Meaningful Communication

    Ascertaining Meaningful Communication From a Ghost Box By Tim Woolworth, 2011 What is Ghost Box Meaningful Communication? One of the questions I am often asked is how I can determine what is actual communication coming through a ghost box and what is just radio noise.  This...