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    EVP ITC Characteristics According to ATransC

    A List of EVP ITC Characteristics Also Found in Ghost Box Recordings The Association Transcommunication (ATransC, formerly the American Association of EVP or AA-EVP) has been the go-to English language source for information  regarding EVP since it was founded by the late Sara Estep in...
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    Andy’s Box #81 Ghost Box Session – Crossing Over + More

    This session with Andy’s Box #81 was recorded on September 16, 2014. This ghost box session was not the clearest ghost box session I have recorded using this box type, but it had enough information gained through EVP to entice me to make a video....
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    Addressing the State of Ghost Box ITC Today

    This post has been a long time coming… by Tim Woolworth I know that this post will have some personal blow-back and for that reason, I was reticent to write it. I may lose some “friends,” over this, but I am OK with that. This...
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    To Sweep or Not To Sweep?

    Addressing Manual Radio Sweep ITC by Margaret Downey (this article originally appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of the Association Transcommunication News Journal and has been republished with the author’s permission) There’s been a lot of recent controversy in the world of EVP concerning a technique...
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    Fragmentative and Breakthrough Reception in Ghost Box Communication

    How Do Ghost Boxes Work? The New Concepts of Fragmentative and Breakthrough Reception in Ghost Box Communication by Tim Woolworth, 2014 The method by which ghost boxes communicate are a mystery, but the following article delves into that mystery with speculation based upon experience. Ghost...
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    Frank’s Box #180 (Copper Box) First Session

    This is the first session with the one-of-a-kind custom Copper Box with a Homebrewed Tuner made by Frank Sumption (AKA Frank’s Box #180). Many great instance of ITC communication came through during this session. I recommend listening closely with headphones as this box is a...
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    Echovox EVP/ITC Session #2 by Tim Woolworth

    Echovox Round 2! After a second Echovox ITC session, the responses really started to pop. I tried not talk during the Echovox session and the Others seemed to notice. I received over 170 EVP communications from this one Echovox ITC session.
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    Konstantin Raudive Diode Circuit Diagram

    The Original Diode that Fostered EVP Communication for Raudive Tim Woolworth, 2014 We are in a new age of paranormal exploration using technology and this is partly due to Konstantin Raudive introducing EVP to the world with the English publication of his book Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment...
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    Echovox – First Session Recording

    Echovox round 1! My first Echovox recording blew me away with the responses obtained. I became and Echovox believer and supporter after I reviewed the ITC session and documented the EVP’s present.
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    Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber

    Mad Anthony Paranormal Society (MAPS) Ghost Box in an Echo Chamber Written by Curt Brahm, Founder, Lead Investigator Disclaimer: This article was originally written when I was part of another paranormal group and evidence used within this article was obtained during that time frame. I...
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    Spiritual Protection

    Spiritual Protection 101 by Ray McCarthy On the Importance of Spiritual Protection Whether you are a Ghost Hunter, Ghost Box user, or just someone that likes to walk on the paranormal side of things, you need to know how to protect yourself against the energies...