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  • Tim Woolworth, Videos

    EchoVox ITC Session 021916

    EchoVox and Counting Fingers This session was pretty standard as far as EchoVox sessions go. It was a short session with some great validated communication. You will see that they continually lament the fact that I cannot hear them speaking very clearly. While I love...
  • Danny Roberge, Videos

    EchoVox at Pennhurst State School & Hospital

    EchoVox Sessions with Amazing Real-Time Responses EchoVox creator, Danny “Big Beard” Roberge, was invited to attend a private ghost hunt at Pennhurst State School and Hospital in 2014. Pennhurst State School and Hospital consists of a sprawling complex of buildings that is near the top...
  • Tim Woolworth, Videos

    EchoVox Public Session Clips

    EchoVox 2.0 in Front of a Crowd The founder of ITC Voices, Tim Woolworth, is also an active member of a major ghost hunting team in the metro-Detroit area, the Motor City Ghost Hunters. MCGH partners with several historical societies and chaperons several adult ghost...
  • Ghost Boxes, Where To Start

    ITC Ghost Box and Software Resources

    Ghost Box Makers and ITC Software Creators The following list includes ghost box creators who are currently taking orders for ghost boxes. It also includes the most reputable ITC software creators today whose applications and software we here at ITC Voices support using. These are...
  • Danny Roberge, ITC Voices Updates

    PSA: EchoVox Weekend Sale $4.99

    If you haven’t bought EchoVox yet for your Android devices, now is the time… Just a quick FYI for those of you who have been sitting on the fence about buying EchoVox. Friend of ITC Voices, Danny “Bigbeard” Roberge, has decided to lower the price...
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    ITC Software: Random Audio ITC Research Tools

    Modern ITC Software: Are They Valid Paranormal Research Tools? Tim Woolworth – December 2014 *Please note that since the publication of this article, ITC Voices in no way endorses, recommends, nor uses products made by Ghost Hunter Apps. The videos seen below are trial runs of...
  • Tim Woolworth, Videos

    Echovox EVP/ITC Session #2 by Tim Woolworth

    Echovox Round 2! After a second Echovox ITC session, the responses really started to pop. I tried not talk during the Echovox session and the Others seemed to notice. I received over 170 EVP communications from this one Echovox ITC session.
  • Tim Woolworth, Videos

    Echovox – First Session Recording

    Echovox round 1! My first Echovox recording blew me away with the responses obtained. I became and Echovox believer and supporter after I reviewed the ITC session and documented the EVP’s present.