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    AGBX-3 Ghost Box Session 29apr15

    First Ghost Box Session Using the New AGBX-3 Model Ghost Box The AGBX-3 is the latest incarnation of the Andre’s Box (AGBX-3 stands for Andre’s Ghost Box) made by Andre Wullaert. This linear sweep ghost box is exceptionally compact but yet yields a nice volume....
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    Andre’s Ghost Box 3 (AGBX-3) 1st Test Run

    The AGBX-3 Andre’s Ghost Box The first test run of the new AGBX-3 (Andre’s Ghost Box 3) by Andre Wullaert. This new version of the Andre’s Box incorporates some interesting features, including a tuning mechanism and a 90% mute feature. This is an exciting new...
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    Ghost Boxes

    Ghost Boxes:  Boutique Ghost Boxes and Hacked Radio Ghost Boxes There are several types of ghost boxes available today.  There are custom boxes (Frank’s Box, Joe’s Box); pre-packaged radios which have a universal modification (all “hack” models); mass marketed ghost boxes (Minibox, P-SB7); and pre-packaged...