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Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection 101

by Ray McCarthy

On the Importance of Spiritual Protection

Whether you are a Ghost Hunter, Ghost Box user, or just someone that likes to walk on the paranormal side of things, you need to know how to protect yourself against the energies and entities you are bound to run into.  I’m going to try to explain how you can confidently go about protecting yourself against things that you may or may not even see.

First off, we’re all different. We all have different viewpoints, different belief systems, and different ways that we interpret our environment. I’m not here to tell you what you should believe, just that you should believe in something. If you have trouble believing, it will be hard to use visualization and willpower to accomplish anything, as you will always be sabotaging your intent by second guessing everything that you do. (I like to refer to this as the Wile E. Coyote effect, where the Coyote is managing to miraculously walk on air till he suddenly thinks too much about what he’s doing and subsequently plummets to his doom.) The fact that you are working in this field means that you have most likely already developed a belief in the paranormal, which is your first step toward also developing a viable defense.

Many people that enter into this field for the first time tend to react with a bit of fear when they first come up against the unseen, which is a natural response to things we’re not really sure of. This is usually referred to as the “fight or flight” instinct which is a working part of the human survival system. Spirits and some particularly nasty entities love this response. Not only does this induce adrenaline into your system, but it also jacks up your energy output getting you prepared for “fight or flight”.  Of course some paranormal beasties tend to look at you as a human Twinkie at this point. One thing I tend to see a lot (and I do mean a lot ) is the typical person who enters into this field with a bit of healthy skepticism, but honestly thinks that they can never be harmed or attacked. It’s a bit humorous as this belief still persists even after this person might have witnessed objects moving, disembodied voices, class A EVPs and the like. When the inevitable happens and the paranormal reaches out to touch that person, (usually a bit hard) that person is really shaken to the core as their belief system has to be restructured in the face of unfortunate events. Now the question I usually get after this happens is “How can I protect myself or fight something that I can’t even see?” I like to respond by asking them “Well what is a spirit exactly?” To which the usual response is “It’s the ghost of a dead person.” I usually smile and tell them “Okay now working on that premise….where is your ghost?”

I’m going to let you in on a universal secret. It’s really not a secret as it’s pretty much out in the open, but it’s one of those things where you sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. The reason that you can’t do some of the things that ghosts can do, such as manipulate things with your mind, project emotions, or alter room temperature, etc. is that you are tied into a very complex machine that is our human body. Think about it…at any one time you are autonomously working thousands of connections and intricate functions that you don’t even think of. Unless you are an enlightened being such as the Buddha or Jesus Christ, your chances of being able to accomplish the paranormal feat outside of this infra-structure are nothing short of miraculous. For most people, trying to do what ghosts are capable of is equivalent to trying to recite the Gettysburg address while piloting a jet fighter through the Grand Canyon. Sure it can be done, but how much training and focus do you need to reach that point? The average spirit is uncomplicated by the human condition and can learn to use the one thing left to them…consciousness and intent.

With this little analogy in mind, let’s treat your body as your own personal jet fighter. The first thing you want to do (especially if you are working with costly equipment) is keep it well maintained. If you aren’t feeling well, or you are not in good condition physically, you are setting yourself up to get shot down.  Keep your jet in the hangar and wait till you are ready to enter the paranormal environment. You will thank yourself later. I promise.

The next thing you want to do is fuel your fighter. Think healthy and try to eat well. Obviously if you are stuffing yourself with junk, your body isn’t going to be in the best of condition.  I also like to think of knowledge itself as fuel. Know your opponent. Not only will this help you protect yourself, but it will take some of the fear out of the equation. When you’re flying your fighter, you want nerves of steel. Use your instincts and fly true. If you are calm and steady, it’s hard for something to use fear or anger to get at you. I’m sure most of you have watched a boxing or fighting match at some point or other. The person that loses their cool is usually the first to fall.

Okay now let’s talk about the electronics and defense systems of our fighter. This is the power of the human mind. I don’t care what you believe, but one thing that you should absolutely know is that you are the only one in control of you.  Visualization and intent are far more powerful than you know. I could tell you about some of the interesting experiments that have been able to prove that we can influence reality with our perceptions and intent, or the newer physics theories that have incorporated this, but for some people that might be a big pill to swallow. Instead let us focus on your body as that is the immediate environment you work with every day. You might have heard of bio-feedback or the power of positive thinking, and chances are you’ve all seen it in action. The person that tells themself that they are not going to get sick is usually the person that stays healthy when everyone else is suffering with some cold or other. Most people have at least one person in their work place that is usually the cheerful soul that never seems to catch what’s going around the office. On the flip side of this, there is usually that negative person that is always complaining of some ailment or other and is almost unbearably painful to be around. Bio-feedback is achievable for everyone. And I do mean everyone! The key to this is to visualize your intent. Picture whatever defense you want to use, whether it be a suit of armor, a mirrored wall, etc. Most people like to enforce this with a prayer. This actually helps in two ways. One, it bolsters the defense with the help of the divine (which relies on belief) and two it reinforces the visualized intent with a spoken command. Remember, belief is a powerful thing. It always seems like people are ready to believe the nasty and evil stuff that lurks in the paranormal, but they never believe in the flip side.  I’m a yin/yang person. I think that if you believe in the stuff of the dark, then you have to believe that there are things that are of the light as well. I do think that there are beings of light, whether you deal with angels or spirit guides that are there to help you when you call upon their assistance.

Okay enough of the jet fighter analogy, let’s talk strictly street fighting. The first thing anyone wants to do when they get into a fight is to set their stance. In the world of the paranormal, this is referred to as grounding and centering. Centering is focusing on the calm center that is the core of your consciousness and not allowing yourself to be overshadowed by stressful circumstances or negative thoughts and emotions. Sort of a Jedi thing if that helps. It’s like the person that takes a deep breath before making the big plunge. When everything is chaotic around you, you want to be the eye of the storm. Remember, a lot of the negative things in the paranormal field feed off negative emotions such as fear or hate. One way to avoid this is to concentrate on your breathing. When you are feeling fearful or anxious, take several deep breaths and try to concentrate on the breath itself. As you breathe in, picture pure white energy drawing into your center, when you breathe out, picture black, negative energy or residue leaving your body. You are aiming to calmly focus yourself on this plane of existence. When you get into a fight, you want to fight on your own turf, not your opponents. Grounding refers to dispelling or re-routing negative energy and emotions. A good way to accomplish this is to stand upright, feet slightly spread apart and feel yourself firmly connected to the earth. Imagine roots extending from your feet and spreading downwards anchoring you solidly to the ground. At the same time, extend your arms upwards and imagine branches spreading out towards the sky. Picture pure sunlight or divine light entering these branches and pushing any negative energy out and down through your feet to be dispersed into the earth.  By now you should be calmly focused in the here and now.  This is a good exercise to do both before and after you work with the paranormal.

By now you should have the basic building blocks to protect yourself. Remember….visualize and will it to happen. Repetition by sound, whether through prayer, poem, or mantra will help support your visualization.  Also a necklace or any other type of charm will help plug any holes in your defenses and plant a subconscious support as well. If you happen to have a religious belief, then you’ve got some extra firepower at your command. Choose any prayer which suits your purpose and call upon the light to help you.  Faith is probably the most powerful weapon or defense you could use.

Today’s media loves the drama that comes with the portrayal of negative paranormal encounters. Please remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are positive forces in the world just as there are negative. For every malicious entity which wants to hurt you, there is one that is waiting to help you in your hour of need. I could list a million prayers or rituals here, but in the end only you can choose the right tool that will help you protect yourself. Be curious, be investigative, and above all be safe.



  1. Matt West says:

    Hello, I was just wondering, how do you get in touch with the technician spirits. I am new to the ghost box and still learning. I am also part of a ghost group, but we are all new to the ghost box. I have had a few sessions and have had a good response, but I am concerned about the darkheads which may come through at some point.


    Matt West

    1. Adriana Jones says:

      It’s as simple as asking to speak to your “tech” during your ghost box session. Even if you don’t hear their response live, usually you can trust that they are there and helping you, and you will often hear their response when you listen back to your audio of the session. I’ve had more luck addressing them as “tech” than trying to ask for a specific name, but other ghost boxers who have asked and found their techs name, have techs who easily answer when called by their own name. Also, apparently you may not have the same tech at each session. There are a few theories, but the one thing I’m pretty sure of from my own experience is that yes techs do exist and seem to assist in just about every ghost box session. Also, at the end of each session, ask them to help you wrap up the session by making sure that no spirit has crossed over onto your side through the turned on radio, and asking the tech permission/affirmation before turning off the box… again, you may or may not hear their response live, but at least try to follow this protocol, for everyone’s protection (including the spirits’ protection! So they don’t stay behind and “attach” to our physical homes, etc, as much as they may think they want to in the moment) Hope that helps.

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