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Spirit Groups on Earth Equipment for ITC

Someday, ITC will be easily accomplished with the help of spirit groups…

“Earthside equipment presents technical problems here and there. During earlier decades, the transmission of high and low-level spirit information took place mainly through trance mediums and mediums that practiced automatic writing. They unconsciously colored or altered information with their own psyches. Today in the field of ITC, when such transmissions from spirit take place through electronic equipment, they are changed very little by human psyche.

Spirit groups are working hard to develop new ITC equipment for their own use. They have also been instructing Earth experimenters about what to build, which type or which combination of electronic devices to use, where to put them, how to tune them, and where the participants should be situated during the experiments. We, the Earth experimenters, are the students.”

(Maggy Harsch-Fishbach, Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication, p.72)


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