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Spektrocom Beta Testing Video

Spektrocom by eXtreme Senses Software

Jeremy Michael Bloxsom and Tim Woolworth from ITC Voices were approached by Martin Bellefeuille of eXtreme Senses Software to beta test new instrumental transcommunication software called Spektrocom. The first tests were a little bit buggy, so like any professional programmer would do, Martin re-coded most of the software to fix all issues that the beta crew discovered. Unlike some programmers in the new software ITC field, he never releases software that doesn’t function correctly.

This video contains Tim Woolworth’s final beta test of Martin’s new software, Spektrocom. All of the images from the test are available below for you to view at your leisure.

Spektrocom uses a custom coded, truly random real-time noise generator based in-part upon the well known Perlin Noise algorithm. Spektrocom struck upon something quite magnificent for ITC image generation. Added to the random visual noise is an impressive audio core that allows for three types of ghost box control. You have the option to load your own sound banks and use such effects as echo, reverb, etc,; or you can use a lite version of the stunning Phasmabox software; and finally, you can use Ron Ruiz’ SpiriTron audio.

There will be an in-depth article coming shortly about Spektrocom. For now, here is what it looks like and it is now available for purchase through eXtreme Senses for only $19.99.

Spektrocom Software Interface

Spektrocom Software Interface



  1. Michael says:

    I purchased the Spektrocom yesterday.The software is amazing. The very first time I used the software I received immediate,direct and relevant responses to the questions I asked. The Spektrocom is definitely something you want to have in your ITC arsenal.

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