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Soul Fragmentation Theory

Soul Fragmentation Theory

By Daniel Roberge*

Map of the human Soul Zoran Minov Featured Image

After a lifetime of encounters with the paranormal I have spent a great deal of time developing my own theory as to what happens to the “soul” or the consciousness at the moment of death and where it goes from there. This is a rather complicated idea and can be used to explain such events as intelligent haunts and residuals, also it can help explain why we see “ghosts” and what exactly we are seeing. This idea can be supported by theories of Quantum Physics in many ways and also ties into several aspects of religion such as heaven, hell and reincarnation. It also ties into such ideas as “Stone Tape Theory” and can help explain how something can defy time and space, be in more than one place at a time.

To start getting into this, it’s best to think for a minute about how the brain works and how it is “wired,” the brain is full of BILLIONS of synapses, tiny cells connecting to each other to form our thoughts and memories. Now think about it – every single synapse represents a memory, feeling or just a part of either. Each exist independently of one another and each contains an enormous amount of stored energy in the form of thoughts, emotions and memories. All of these billions of connections are formed during your life experience, they make you who you are and are unique to you and you alone.

Next observe the simple first rule of thermodynamics stating that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Imagine the moment of death, this tightly wound ball of energy that makes us human quickly unravels and the energy from each and every synapse, no longer bound together by our mortal coil splits up and is released back into the universe. Each FRAGMENT of our soul, our mind, ourselves is poured out into our surroundings. Surroundings which contain many types of energy from other sources.

Each fragment contains a nearly infinite amount of energy, each fragment contains YOU. Every one of your brain synapses was formed to preserve every aspect of a memory. Take for example the memory of a walk in the woods one Sunday afternoon. Within this memory you can recall the way the woods looked, if it was cloudy or sunny. You can remember the sensation of the warmth of the sun on your arm, the smell of the pine trees and the sounds of the birds chirping. You can remember all of this and thousands of other details as well. Each part of this memory is stored in this network of synapses and even a simple memory such as this would use millions of synapses.

Now imagine that when fragmentation of this energy occurs that each part of this memory carries with it a certain kind of “weight” to it. Weight formed by the intensity of the moment, the memory. Remarkable memories, such as the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one carry more “weight.” The memory simply contains more “data.” The more intense emotions you felt the day your spouse, or mother passed away, the more synapse are needed to record the pain and anguish you felt. These synapses would also contain vastly more energy than the memory of tying your shoes this morning.

Weight and Vibration

EVERYTHING that exist is vibrating. Every single thing around you is resonating with what amounts to the echo of the energy released in the big bang. It is this aspect of the state of matter that has always interested me the most. How nothing is static and how some things can resonate with one another.

Now it is my speculation that each fragment vibrates at its own frequency. The happier memories vibrate at a high frequency and the worse the memory, the lower it vibrates. For example many haunts are known to be associated with homicides and suicides. The departed’s last memory of its final moments is extremely heavy and vibrates very low and intensely. It is most likely the single most powerful memory in that poor souls mind.

Now we can separate the newly formed  fragments based on the “weight” they carry X the frequency they vibrate/resonate at.

The soul is now stripped apart. Stripped into Billions of pieces. They now flow within the unseen “ether” of the universe. Within this realm these fragments are free to pool together with synapse of the same weight and frequency. The higher vibrating fragments travel “up” and onwards towards another plane of existence. The very BEST of these, the happy moments, you at your best and happiest travel away, out of our plane somewhere we can no longer interact/co-exist with. they simply are vibrating too high to even exist within this reality any longer.

Stairway to Heaven featured image

A Stairway to Heaven

They have gone on to “Heaven.”

Take the average god-fearing and good hearted person as an example, 95% of what makes them up are going to be either good/happy thoughts and memories and move on to the next plane without any hesitation. They led a decent life and have moved on without much to tie them here.

Now, lets take the soul of a sadistic murderer. 95% of what makes him up is BAD. EVIL. Nearly ALL of him vibrates at the lowest of frequencies and is incredibly “heavy” due to the fact that not only the murderers intense emotions and experience are remembered but also the VICTIMS intense emotions are also recorded.

Portrait of Hell featured image


The darkest, heaviest fragments of this soul are going to sink. They will sink very low in the “ether.” Too low to any longer be a part of our mortal plane of reality.

They have gone on to “Hell”.

The more mundane parts of our life tends to linger without purpose. They vibrate at a more neutral frequency easily detectable by living souls who spend much of their time also vibrating at these mid-level frequencies. this may explain residual haunts. This could be why you see that same lady walking down those stairs over and over. the fragments that make up her memory of the many times she descended those stairs all vibrate and resonate with the surroundings. They pool together and are there like a recording for our living minds to “tune in” to.

Consciousness and a State of Confusion

Consciousness is immense. It is widely believed to exist outside of ourselves in an unknown higher plane. The way it is viewed within this theory is that it itself is energy and cannot be created or destroyed. Each fragment is capable of some form of consciousness. Certain fragments may contain a slight part of your mind as it was in life. An echo of your consciousness. It would not however be your entire mind. It may not even be self-aware, such as in the case of our residual staircase ghost.

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The more “weight” carried by a fragment the stronger the slice of consciousness can be. So those great memories that got you up to heaven “you” will be able to be self aware. Aware you are in heaven. The purest of the fragments, the brightest part of one’s soul vibrate at an ultra high frequency and are dense with the “weight” of intense memories and emotion. These fragments of loving, joyful, positive energy pool together and join. The consciousness of thousands of different souls, vibrating within the same frequency and octaves of the same frequency join together as one. They become self-aware and able to exercise free will.

These are known as “Angels”

Demon featured image


The same goes for the dark, evil fragments. They will be self-aware and aware of their own suffering. aware they are in hell. It is also my assertion that the longer darker energy fragments are allowed to pool and merge the stronger and more self-aware they can get. It could be possible for the consciousness of thousands of souls from thousands of people could pool together as fragments and merge into something too dark and scary for our minds to really accept. The souls and minds of thousands of murderers over a millenia have pooled together gaining strength while they did, became self-aware and powerful enough to exercise free will.

These are known as “Demons”

I have stated above that these fragments can contain just parts of our consciousness as we understood it in life. Looking at it like this we come to an amazing conclusion. Your mind can end up co-existing in millions of SEPARATE states of self-awareness. It’s almost like there are thousands of clones of yourself created. Making it so the fragment of you within your memory of your wedding day has a self-awareness of itself in the moment. In this example it could be aware it is her wedding day, aware of her groom and her love for him. Her awareness of the day, the moment. There is no memory or knowledge of anything except the wedding day itself, no awareness of self beyond the moment. Not knowing what happened the day before or even know of anything but the wedding, no sense of reality beyond that. This leaves the fragments “mind” in a limited state of self-awareness. It leaves it confused and unaware of how it got here, how she died or that she died at all. This situation creates an entity that contains intense emotions and is very confused and perhaps even sad due to the fact they are aware they exist, but have no idea they are separate from us. They can’t understand why we don’t hear them.

The Grey Lady Staircase ghost featured image


These are known as “Ghosts”

Some “Ghosts” are made of these lingering fragments that vibrate very closely to that of the living. This makes it so an observer could “tune into” the proper frequency and be able to see, hear, smell and touch the entity. It should be looked at like seeing a ghost is a 50/50 split between the entity and the observer. The ghost is not self aware in the moment the observer witnesses it. The observer is more or less observing a recording played over and over again within the fragmented entities mind. This would be known as a residual type haunting. Although in this theory I am stating that the entity being observed in the above example would still be able to be self-aware. Just not in that moment the observer is seeing. With the observer just able to see the echo of the entity it does not bar the chance the entity could also contribute to an intelligent haunt as outside of the observed moment it could still be sentient and aware.

Therefore it could be possible for one entity to be both a residual and an intelligent haunt simultaneously in the same, or separate locations.

To recap where we are now in a more broad sense is that at the moment of death, the soul fragments into billions of parts and is released back into the universe. As it is stripped and fragmented, the “Good” stuff floats “up” into “heaven” the bad pools together and sinks, ”Hell.” What’s left can become “Ghosts.”

This can explain so many things. Such as why a spirit would haunt its own grave and not go somewhere else. Well it did go somewhere else, at least fragments of its former self did. However these unfortunate parts of a soul are the ones attached to this mortal coil. Attached to the body and perhaps allowed and encouraged to manifest by the loved ones own memories and emotions during the funeral burial. Therefore these fragments were pulled together by the power of all of the funeral goers thoughts and feelings. It’s now there to linger long after the funeral has ended. Perhaps even forever.

This theory holds the idea that we are surrounded by thousands, millions of energies. There is an infinite amount of different types of entities. Basically it’s as if there are disembodied forms of consciousness surrounding all of us all the time. The difference between them and us is that we are bound together and whole. This leaves us capable of interacting with them. This can help explain EVP and why it seems you can get them anywhere at any time. When the observer opens himself up to communication he effectively becomes an antenna able to “tune in” to the surrounding energies. again this act of observation pulls the fragments into a position allowing their limited self-awareness to communicate. This also allows us to conclude the resulting entity would be in a state of confusion not knowing where it is or how it got there. It may feel it is in need of help and ask for it.

Research is still in progress and updates and revisions to this theory will be on-going.

-Danny Roberge

*Daniel Roberge is the creator of several paranormal applications including Echovox. This article was originally published on his now defunct Spiritvox web site.


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