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A Skeptic Considering the Paranormal

Sometimes all it takes is a single event to change your perspective…

“What does this mean? Had it happened to someone else I might suggest a chance electrical anomaly and the law of large numbers as an explanation – with billions of people having billions of experiences every day, there’s bound to be a handful of extremely unlikely events that stand out in their timing and meaning. In any case, anecdotes do not constitute scientific evidence that the dead survive or that they can communicate with us via electronic equipment.

…I have to admit, it (the paranormal phenomenon experienced by the author) rocked me back on my heels and shook my skepticism to its core as well. I savored the experience more than the explanation.

The emotional interpretations of such anomalous events grant them significance regardless of their causal account. And if we are to take seriously the scientific credo to keep an open mind and remain agnostic when the evidence is indecisive or the riddle unsolved, we should not shut the doors of perception when they may be opened to us to marvel in the mysterious.”

(Michael Shermer, Anomalous Events That Can Shake One’s Skepticism to the Core. Scientific American, 16sep14.)


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