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Sarah Estep on Location Recording and the Light

EVP pioneer Sarah Estep on location recording and the responsibility we have towards the spirit world as communicators…

Sara Estep Roads to Eternity featured Image“Taping in the field can bring added dividends to our EVP work. Depending on the location, you may be more likely to pick up unhappy, even mentally ill spirits. You need to be aware of this. I think it is important to explain to any spirits who might be nearby that their physical life is over and they are free to go on towards the light and that friendly spirits await them. I always tell the unseen, in such locations, that they can pursue their special interest and know much joy. We have a responsibility to the spirits with whom we communicate. We owe them our very best and must try to help unhappy, confused spirits to progress.”

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Estep, Sarah Wilson. Roads to Eternity: Electronic Voice Phenomena. P. 123



  1. Mary Bethune says:

    She is one of my paranormal role models. I believe she was way ahead of her time in Evp evidence collection and research and treating spirits with respect( afterlife survival )Read her book, we can all learn something from her. Mary

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