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Sangean ATS-909 Ghost Box Hack

A New Ghost Box Hack: The Sangean ATS-909

This hack comes courtesy of a reader named Mike who came up with this hack. It is easy to disable the mute which allows for the scan to become a functional ghost box.

Sangean ATS-909 alt

The instructions, according to Mike, are as follows:

1st: Download the service manual for the ATS-909

2nd: Study board layout, and schematics located at the bottom of PDF

3rd: Scroll down the PDF file to the schematics. Find the connector(s) and pin(s) labeled “Mute.” This is the wire to clip. BLACK wire.

4th: Open the radio and locate the corresponding jumper wire set that connects top and bottom PC boards. Black wire labeled “MUTE” at the connector on bottom board, lower right. Clip it.

5th: Press/hold one of the scan buttons (FM band) and there is no longer a mute function.

These radios are not the cheapest radios on the market, but we all know that Sangean makes a quality radio. If you are interested in doing this hack for yourself, you can buy the Sangean ATS-909 here.



  1. Michael Bill says:

    Hi there this question is in reference to the Sangean ATS-909 . There seem to be two version of this radio a silver and black. Does the hacj work with both?

    1. simon says:

      i have successfully hacked the silver earlier version Sangean ATS-909 also known as Roberts R861 but cutting the mute (black wire pin 10) is not enough you have to cut the signal wire pin 5, and also Tune stop pin 4, wires are clearly labeled on the circuit board and you can still use it as a normal radio.

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