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RTC Box – First Session

Brand New RTC Box Design – Amazing Communication

First, a note from ITC Voices founder, Tim Woolworth.

ITC Voices has been dormant for quite some time. Life, like it has a penchant for doing, often gets in the way of passions. Ghost boxing has been far from dormant in my life. I stil do sessions regularly and I present at about ten conferences every year, often endng with a ghost box ITC session for the attendees. What I haven’t been doing is creating new videos or penning new articles. Videos take about twelve hours to produce and finding the time to do them has been challenging. As you’ve likely noticed, my videos are complete, from start to finish with all the good, bad and mediocre communication included. That means examining everything in the session, not just picking and choosing the bet clips to take out of context; I have always held, and will continue to do so, that taking clips out of context from the session is a disservice to the communication as a whole because it is not a valid representation of the session.

I have also watched as portal devices and other such things have overcome the ITC world as of late. To be blunt, I hate them. They are designed to suppress communication by design. There will be an article on the portal coming soon. When you watch this session, there is o much communication that would’ve been suppressed by a portal device due to volume and overlaid reverb. I am also a ghost box purest. They are working hard to communicate with us, so why would we erase the bulk of their communication.

Anyway, ITC Voices is back. We won’t be posting with the frequency that we did before the break due to another project we are running, Paranormal Study, which is a site that embraces all paranormal topics, not just ITC. In the time we’ve been away, there are still hundreds of people visiting this site daily and it is amazing that so many people still find this site to be a valuable resource after all these years. So thank you for sticking with us.

Now to the session.


We are honored that Rob Hernandez sent us the first production model of his new RTC Box line of ghost boxes. The first thing you note when you hold the box is that it is rather large, much larger than any other box I’ve owner. That is because Rob was smart and utilized a simple blue tooth speaker box that was modified. So the enclosure, amp and speaker were all set before he added the sweep modifications. The box is as simple as it gets to use, just volume and sweep. It is an FM sweep that cruises when wide open. Rob also added a line out for those, like me, who use PA speakers at events. On its own, this box is very loud. The box also has a built-in rechargeable battery system so no more fiddling with 9-volt batteries.

Overall, this box is meant to be used. If you are looking for a pure sweeper, this box fits the bill nicely. Rob is working on a website for his boxes so at the moment, you can see the other boxes he has produced via his facebook page, RTC Box.

The First RTC Box Session

This was the first full-length session recorded with this box. We always record a test video when we receive a box to make sure it is working and these are posted to our facebook page.

This video is long, but for a very specific reason. I elected that with the new videos that will be produced, the original video with no captions will be shown and then a caption-laden video will be placed directly after the first part. That way, you can listen to the audio without any caption prompting to make up your own mind, or you can view the video as we interpreted the audio.

During the session, the first have seemed to be more of an establishing communication from the other side. They mention my name several times and mention that they can hear me. They mention another ghost boxer by name, and the same communication Frank Sumption received for years came through, “Princess.”

The second half was much more fixated. I mainly just listened to this half. You will hear audio surrounded the topic of crossing over. Ever since I recorded the first real-time crossing over session through a box in March, 2010, this type of session has been very common in almost every session. We have covered this topic on the site in many videos and articles. The audio consists of mentions of the light, going up, a gate, help and many more markers of crossing over.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy this session. There will be many more coming in the years to come and next time we take a break, we’ll try not to make it two plus years in length!

As always, take from this session what you will.


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