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Ron Ricketts on Interpreting MiniBox Communication

Ron Ricketts, inventor of the MiniBox line of Ghost Boxes, discusses how Ghost Boxes connect the user to communication…

“Rosemary asked Ricketts how the box works to connect different worlds.

Talking to the Dead Featured Image

Talking to the Dead

‘There are roughly three things at work in equal measure when it comes to interpreting the voices,’ Ricketts said. ‘The first level is wishful thinking. People listen to the MiniBox and hear a jumble of radio stations. They concentrate on the words that pop out and grab onto them. They hear what they want to hear, and it makes them happy. But that is not what the box is saying.

‘Some people never get beyond that level. Once you get used to the box, you can move on to the second level of communication, which is hearing words clearly that are not part of the radio broadcast. Out of think air, someone says a word or phrase that is germane to your question, or is personal to you. You tune out the jumbles and chatter of the deejays – that’s the crashing of the waves, so to speak. The unknown voices come from beneath the waves.

‘Then there is the a third level.’ Ricketts paused and smiled. ‘This is where I might lose a few people. You hear the box and you get a message directly in your head that is not audible but is impressed into your mind. This happens after you’ve been using the box a long time and you’re in tune with it. The first few times it happens it scares you, but now you understand and the box is really working.'”

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(Noory, George and Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. Talking to the Dead. P50.)



  1. Eron Beilke says:

    Thanks for posting this article, Tim. One of the 1st books I read last fall. And I got it w hardcover for .10 cents off of Amazon. And it’s a great informative book that you can read fast.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      It’s an easy read and is a great beginners book on spirit communication.

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