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Rev. G. Vale Owen on Spirit Communication with the Living

Reverend G. Vale Owen wrote of fragmented spirit communication in 1913. This still holds true with communications through our ghost boxes…

Life Beyong the Veil by Reverend Owen “Spirits from a higher sphere may descend to the lower, may even be sent on a mission to earth. But ere they can reach us they must first accustom themselves to the dimmer light and heavier “air” of the lower spheres. They must undergo a change ere they can penetrate the dense and murky atmosphere in which our world is enfolded.

That is why the spirit voices so often reach us in broken fragments which our dull intelligence can hardly piece together. That is why we can so rarely hear the words and feel the presence of those who are longing to reach and to comfort their friends.”

This collection of the documents of the Reverend Owen is a must read. You can read more from The Life Beyond the Veil by clicking here.

Engholm, H.W. ed. Preface to: Owen, G. Vale. The Life Beyond the Veil: A Compilation of Four Classic Books (Life on Other Worlds Series) (Kindle Locations 139-143). Square Circles Publishing. Kindle Edition.



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