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Rest in Peace Frank Sumption

The Paranormal Community Mourns the Loss of Frank Sumption

Frank Sumption is the creator of the Frank's Box

Frank Sumption, 1953-2014

The paranormal community lost one of it’s most powerful minds with the passing of Frank Sumption on August 16th, at about 11pm, MST, of an apparent heart attack. Our hearts are heavy with this news and our thoughts are with his wife, his children, grandchildren and his beloved dogs.

Frank Sumption created the first ghost box in 2002 and twelve year’s later, he has made just over 180 of them that affectionately became known as Frank’s Boxes.  His Frank’s Boxes have been a divisive ITC tool where some, like myself, swear by them, and others will never consider them as a proper ITC tool.

Either way, Frank Sumption will be missed. He constantly received messages saying that the end was coming, and they have yet to come true. The Others called him Purple Princess, Woman From the Stars, and Diva. The communications he received told him that he was a walk-in female alien from Pleiades in a male human body.  I hope that Frank finds out the truth and has found his way home, wherever that may be.

I cannot help but think that this recording from two months ago may have been a precursor. Frank always said that messages told him that they were coming to take their princess back.  Now they have.

The paranormal community will miss you Frank, you changed the world.

I will miss you buddy, I wish we had more time to spend talking about our mutual passion.

Tim Woolworth

“Depart Frank.”




  1. GRANT says:

    I am sorry for franks family to have this loss.He sounded a lot like myself and was not too tolerant of people not on his team.He will come through it all in flying colors……purple hopefully…by the way, just before I sent this post I now have rays of light,like you see through the trees canopy, across my screen saver which is a picture a passerby took of my wife Adele, and myself, sitting on a park bench with a long laker ore boat in the background.The sun rays were not on the picture this morning Maybe frank wants to show me the light??? If I start to see a lot of purple or the name Frank repeat often I will post back….In the end, we are judged on how much happiness we have brought into this world and have we earned our ticket???GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Pamela says:

    Love never dies

  3. Laurie says:

    Frank, I know you’re here with us and you’re waiting for someone to log into your frequency so you can tell us what we can do next with the box. You were the first person I came to about the box and I will miss you and all of your knowledge and acceptance from the ones who have crossed. Your insight and love will be missed, until we meet again. My deepest sympathies to your loved ones, friends, and pets. I will try as much as possible to communicate with you, please step forward when you can and let us know how you are doing. Lots of love and safe journey home. Find your lost loved ones and your son, and be happy.

  4. Andrew says:

    God speed old man…

  5. Saul says:

    He always did say the end was coming. Maybe he misinterpreted the end as the end of the world but it was a message that was meant for him. Frank was a special person who could of made huge profits from his creation but instead chose to share his knowledge for greater knowledge of mankine.

  6. T says:

    So sad to hear this. I haven’t chatted with him in a few years but will always be grateful for the knowledge and gifts he shared with the paranormal community. Now he can be reunited at last with his son.

  7. Adriana says:

    Oh, so sad to hear! My deepest condolences to Frank’s family, friends, and to all of us in the paranormal community. His life has touched the lives of many others through his work, in ways that we will never be able to fully account for. Frank, I wish I could have met you in person as well and not just virtually, to give you a hug and thank you for everything you have done, and the legacy you have left for us to continue seeking answers. I sincerely hope that you are now much closer to finding your peace and your place in the universe.

  8. He was an inspirational man with amazing talent. He will sadly missed by many. My condolences to his family and friends around the world. From markcparanormal

  9. mary Bethune says:

    My condolences to his family and friends. I am sure he will be contact from the other side. Great travels Mr Sumption

  10. Fyve Ofeight says:

    Creative, inquisitive soul. He will be missed by many who hope he finds the answers he was seeking. If anyone can contact us from beyond – you know he will. 🙂

  11. Timeless paranormal sends our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues

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