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Radio Interview With Live Minibox Plus Session

True Paranormal Radio with ITC Voices

On January 15, 2015, Deb DeRousse and Jonathan Lento of True Paranormal invited ITC Voices own Tim Woolworth on air to discuss all things ghost box.

This radio broadcast is a little over two hours in length and begins just after the 4 minute mark. There is a 5 minute break about one hour into the broadcast.

During this interview, Tim Woolworth touched briefly upon the history of Ghost Box ITC and it’s place in modern ITC research. He also goes into how ghost boxes are used, the effect they can have on the living and the future of ITC with new ghost box manufacturers and apps on the horizon.

At the start of the second hour, Tim used a Minibox Plus for a very short session as well.

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  1. leebaker66 says:

    Hi Tim! I wanted to let you know I listened to the show live and really enjoyed it. Your interview was very enlightening and helpful. I’m not much of a techy but I am familiar with it (lived and worked in Silicone Valley in the th 70″s and 80’s went to San Jose State) My late hubby worked at Intel until he retired. But your approach to this spirit communication and your philosophy is fantastic! For a young man you really seem to get it! Peace and Love… Lee

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thanks Lee! I am glad you were able to listen and enjoy the show. And thank you for the compliments!

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