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Spiritually Protecting Yourself in Light for a Ghost Box Session

Protecting Yourself in Light for a Ghost Box Session

by Tim Woolworth


Protecting Yourself in Light for a Ghost Box Session is Important

Let me be blunt to start this article. I am an avowed atheist and for a long time I did not protect myself whenever I ghost hunted or conducted a ghost box session.  Now, I only use light protection when I am on a ghost hunt and never when I conduct my sessions at home.  I know what to expect from the box while I am at home, but those spirits who are location bound may harbor years of emotion waiting for someone to communicate with – and I can attest from personal experience that this can lead to an attachment.  Because of this, protecting yourself in light for a ghost box session should be something you consider practicing regularly.

Before I practiced light protection, I began to notice things during ghost hunting sessions in particular that I was not happy with. In one historic theater, I had to leave a room because my chest felt like someone was stepping on it and this caused me excruciating physical pain when breathing. In my youth, I broke some of my ribs and I can compare the pain I experiences at that location to having a broken rib. In another location, I felt like my mind and body were disconnected, but yet I felt a flood of emotion that I could not control.

I approached someone whom I trust implicitly about all things paranormal and she put me in contact with a Lakota Shaman who has the amazing ability of seeing and hearing the other side.  Oddly enough, he only gained this ability after being struck by lightning. My friend told me that she had ghost hunted with this Shaman before and he was saying out loud what EVP’s they would record word-for-word because he could hear the Others as they spoke. This Shaman told me that I was becoming more receptive to the Others, and that they knew it. What I was experiencing was empathy as they tried to communicate with me through feeling. He made it very clear that I needed to learn to protect myself from this or stop my attempts at communicating with the other side.

The first question he asked me was what my religious affiliation was, and I told him that I was an atheist. I have never accepted that there is a God or that Jesus was the savior. I think logically and the Bible just does not resonate with my own beliefs, and believe me, I tried the Biblical route a few times before I came to this realization. The Shaman then asked me to explain my beliefs to him, which I did.

I will sum up my spirituality here in a few sentences for you. These are only my beliefs, and I am not trying to impress them upon you; rather I am trying to explain how I arrived at a method to protect myself and how you can use the same process even if you are religious by nature. However, before I can explain the process, I have to state my beliefs, so I can show you how I arrived at my means of light protection for ghost box sessions.

Simply put, I believe that everything is interconnected, the air, the grass, the dirt, my flesh and yours. All of these things combined equals god for me. The energies that run through everything is god, but this sum total it is not a God (yes, there is a slight semantic difference there). This is why I believe that we are all interconnected and humanity ebbs and flows as one with everything on this Earth. The tree outside my window and the passerby on the street are part of me, and I of them. God is the combined energy of everyone and everything and for me, this is not a force of either judgment or of doctrine. For me, the constructs of heaven and hell are simply man-made ways deal with our own mortality while codifying a structure of morals for humans to follow. Heaven and hell is simply the way my everyday life can be perceived. Some days are heavenly, and others are hellish. As Jean-Paul Sartre so eloquently wrote in the play No Exit, “Hell is other people.” When we die, I believe that our energy still remains, but it remains in another dimension, or the other side as we refer to it, where once again, everything and everyone is connected at the source.

If this concept sounds too much like new age mumbo-jumbo to you, consider this. It is proven that everything is made up of, at it’s most basic level, molecules. Molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons which are in turn made up of……and the list goes on. So what does this mean? Well, these subatomic particles take up space, and there is space between every subatomic particle. So I ask this question: if there is space in between all of the subatomic particles that I consist of, and there is space between all of the subatomic particles that make up the chair I am sitting in right now, and that there are no membranes that can cover this space…..what separates me from the chair that I am sitting in? Perception alone. Everything consists of the same space and subatomic particles (albeit grouped in different ways); so therefore in a philosophical and pseudo-scientific way, everything consists of the same “energy” as everything else.

So I explained this all in a rush to the shaman who shocked me by saying that I was more advanced in my spirituality than those who actively practiced religion and learning to protect myself would come easier to me than most. I was not expecting to hear this at all. In fact, I was shocked because I thought he would tell me that with no doctrinated belief system there was nothing he could do to help me. So now when people ask me what my religious affiliation is, I say spiritual atheist and this really confuses them.

Instead, he introduced me to light protection.

Light protection is an exercise I had been practicing for years in meditation without knowing that it was also useful for spiritual protection. You envision in your mind’s eye the shape of your body against the blackness in whatever position you are in. Then see a white light washing over your form until you are white against the darkness. If you are working with a group, when you are more advanced you can protect them also by envisioning their forms psychically. The most important part is that you know that this white light is good, and it is there to protect you against outside entities. When the light is present, you should instinctively know that you are being protected. In using this form, you are strengthening the energy field that surrounds you against the energies of the other side that you cannot see or feel until it is too late.

For me, I try to start this process outside. I lean against a tree or kneel on the grass with my palms flat on its verdant plane. Then I imagine the whiteness coming from the nature around me seeping out of the grass or the trees. When nature is not available, I imagine it coming from the air itself and I know I am protected. My process of protection is wholly internalized, and if I speak at all, I say thank you. I have not experienced the unwanted feelings that I had before since I started protecting myself but I did have one minor attachment that I will explain later on.

Your belief system probably does not jive with mine at all, and that is OK. What is important to know is that the white light can protect you too. Some people I know say a prayer to Jesus or the archangel Michael to give them the strength of holy protection against the forces of negativity. Others I know say a generic prayer which asks for a protective light to encompass them and protect them against harm.

These are all simple ways of protecting yourself, they all boil down to a simple manipulation of the way energy is perceived. The process of spiritual protection is unique to everyone based upon their belief system and experience level. Regardless of what your beliefs are, I know firsthand how your sense of individual sovereignty can be encroached upon by the spirit world. When I now feel a spirit trying to get in to communicate empathetically, I strengthen my light and address the spirit directly telling it that it cannot enter, and that I am protected against it.

In my belief system, when I am done with the necessary protection, I give the light back to the world by imagine it flowing out of me. I like to do this by touching something organic such as a tree, running water, or grass. I then once again iterate the words thank you in order to show my gratitude.

To leave yourself unprotected can lead to actual possession in rare cases. I am friends with someone who had a spiritual attachment that almost led to a full blown case of spiritual possession. His personality changed because he could did not know how to protect himself against a negative entity from the Other Side and this negative entity began to control him more and more until he was not himself anymore. This almost tore his family apart because they weren’t sure of how to deal with this. This poor guy had to work with a renowned exorcist which ultimately pushed the negative entity away.

It should be noted that actual possession resulting from using a ghost box has not occurred.

But, I did get an attachment as a result of a location where I used a ghost box.  When I was with Central New York Ghost Hunters at a location that had never been ghost hunted before.  It was an enormous mansion with several outbuildings, including a caretakers house.  Since I was the “ghost box guy” of this group, two smalleer groups of CNYGH had experienced amazing activity in the caretakers house that night and they informed the spirits that I would be there soon to talk to them.

As soon as I entered the caretakers house with my team, I knew that I was in for it.  I was immediately enveloped in a cold spot that did not leave me for the 30+ minutes I was in there.  I had a maglite flashlight in my hand that started flickering off and on rapidly.  It went all the way on and it would not turn off.  Then it turned off by itself and I could not turn it back on until the spirits controlling it decided it was time.

During our time in there, the disembodied voices were so loud that we sent someone outside to see if someone was talking.  There were bangs and taps; it is without a doubt the most haunted place I have ever investigated.  When it came time to do a ghost  box session, they were ready.  Several children came through, a man saying someone had been shot there, and a group of soldiers who identified themselves as being from the Cherry Valley Massacre (which took place less than 15 miles from this location) were asking for help.  I started to help them, but then the session was cut short.  Our group leader Stacey Jones popped in and said we had to wrap it up, so I apologized to the Others and shut down the Minibox Plus.

I was still in a cold spot as I left the caretakers house.  I knew something was not right at this point.  Walking up the hill with my team, my flashlight started flickering off and on again rapidly like the Other were trying to get my attention; then it died in my hand. I approached some team members I trust and told them I had an attachment and I needed them to help me get rid of it.  We worked with crystals and energy, but I knew it was not leaving.  It was a summer night and it was 74 degrees.  I broke out my MEL-8704 and the temperature next to my body was 67.  The cold spot could be measured.

Giving up, I drove home.  I immediately collapsed into bed and did not get up for 19 hours.  Two more days passed like this; I had absolutely no energy and could do nothing but call into work and order takeout.  The final straw was on the fourth day, I woke up after sleeping for 16 hours and was writing in my easy chair.  After two hours or so, I started to fall asleep again; I was trying to prevent another night of long sleep so I snapped open my eyes immediately. My eyes were closed for less than five minutes.  I was shocked to see that an African Mask I owned (I have several in my collection) was lying in the middle of my living room floor about 7 feet from its spot of the wall.

I had experienced manipulation without seeing it or hearing it.  This was its last hurrah.  I have been told that most attachments leave after within 48 hours, and mine stayed on a bit longer.  I suspect it was a spirit looking for help to cross over into the light, and the mask was its last way of trying to get my attention.  The next day, I woke up and my body (and my life) was back to normal.

The important lesson is that this attachment happened despite the fact that I had been using light protection.  So there are no guarantees and you always use the ghost box at your own risk.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me: tim@itcvoices.org



  1. Denise Crank says:

    Yes defiantly a good article ,thanks again for sharing your experience,, Its really helping to have resources here to read and to learn and grow from and recover…

  2. Excellent article. I see your an empath and psychic. Glad u teach others how to do protection. You walk a strong path. I am great full to converse on the ghost hunter group. You rock.. Thank you for this . Deniselee from Ghost Gazette.

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