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Prize Winners for the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser

The prize winners for the items in the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser have been chosen.

Frank Sumption Memorial gofundmeYou have all come together to honor the memory of Frank Sumption in a way that would make him very proud. We were all affected by his passing, and we will continue to be affected by his presence through the form of ITC he created. The Sumption family needed help, and with the generous donations 114 of you put forward, a big part of their financial burden was met and paid for. I am proud that all of you came together to help the Sumptions out when they needed it most. All of the donors contact information and words will be passed on to Frank’s widow tomorrow.

As you probably know, Frank was a generous man who never profited from his work. He made boxes and put them in the hands of a select few researchers for little to no money. His passing came as a shock to everyone and because Frank did not profit from his boxes, he couldn’t afford insurance. The medical costs and funeral costs were quite a shock and this fundraiser was created to help ease that financial burden.

In addition to the monetary donors, a special thank you goes out to everyone who promoted this fundraiser via social media and word of mouth. Those who were approached but elected not to do any promotion in the paranormal community for this fundraiser, don’t worry, we won’t hold it against ya! (at least not for too long) 🙂

I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart the folks that donated items for this fundraiser (in no particular order):

Vicki Talbot
Robocop Paranormal
Michael Hobert Edwards
Greg Manchester
Lisa Terio
Amy Bruni
Cory Heinzen
Chase Bryant Singleton
Steve Huff
Chris Moon
Chip Coffey
Bill Chappell
Jay Prather
Andrew Openlander

and finally, a very special thanks to Bill Murphy and Steve Hultay. It was conversations with these two gentleman that helped make this fundraiser a reality for the Sumption family.

Thank You to all Donors!

The prize drawings for the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser were held at 9pm EST on September 5th, 2014.

Here is a complete list of the winners (by number, not name, to protect privacy).

$25 Category

12-587 (donated by Tim Woolworth): #21

12-588 (donated by Tim Woolworth): #5

12-469 (donated by Tim Woolworth, Vicki Talbot & Robocop Paranormal): #3, #10, #14

20-125 (donated by Robocop Paranormal): #11

DT-200x (donated by Tim Woolworth): #8

CX-96 (donated by Greg Manchester): #19

PP-527 (donated by Greg Manchester): #16

P-SB7 (donated by Tim Woolworth & Michael Hobert Edwards): #19

$35 Category

Lockdown at the Selma Mansion (donated by Lisa Terios of PUPS): #34

Strange Escapes Conference Tickets and Chip Coffey Gallery Reading for Two in 04/2015 (donated by Amy Bruni): #30

RHA Lockdown on 09/29 (donated by Cory Heinzen): #15

Chase Bryant Singleton Focused Session: #7

Michael Hobert Edwards Focused Session with Water ITC: #24

Tim Woolworth Focused Session: #22

Steve Huff Focused Session: #20

Chris Moon Box Reading: #3

Chip Coffey Reading: #16

Frank Sumption Package (donated by Bill Murphy): #14

$50 Category

Ovilus III (donated by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing): #16

IDC 3001 EM Box Option #3 (Donated by Jay Prather of IDC Devices): #14

Steve’s Box #100 (Donated by Steve Hultay): #17

Andy’s Box Model E (Donated by Andrew Openlander of Chicago Spirit Wave): #11

$65 Category

Frank’s Box #71 (donated by Steve Hultay): #21

RIP Frank Sumption. You are missed and all these persons are just a fraction of the people your personality and your work deeply touched.

So thank you all once again for making the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser a reality. You all honored his memory and myself, Bill Murphy, Steve Hultay and the entire Sumption Family thank you all.

Tim Woolworth


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