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Possible Alien Contact via a Minibox Plus

Many know that Frank Sumption passed through the Veil in August, 2014. He invented ghost box technology and it is his work that made this site possible. Over the years, Frank was often referred to as the “purple princess,” “diva” and “girl from the stars.” The voices told him for many years that they were coming to take him home – home being the Pleiades. I recorded this message regarding Frank four months before he died and sent it to Frank who laughed it off telling me that is what they always say.

Please note the voices themselves.

“Sent by the ship,” is wholly unhuman and robotic like. I am convinced that this alien communication – thought into frequencies without a vocal cord.



  1. I had never heard this recording before, and I have to say it was very impressive. Obviously they speak of Frank Sumption, and the consistency of the responses were spot on, and made sense if you know Frank. Thanks…

    1. Tim says:

      Thanks Daniel. This little clip was a surprise. I have known Frank since ’09 and I have been getting the purple messages for him since 2010. This one was particularly exciting as it talked about the ship and the Pleiades. I found it too interesting not to post.

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