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A Perspective on Heaven and Hell

Medium Gretchen Vogel writes about how our choices in life affects the possibilities made available in the afterlife…

Medium Gretchen Vogel's book Choices in the Afterlife“In life we can seek the knowledge to make choices that enlighten, heal and progress our body, mind and spirit. Or, we can make the choice to not learn from our mistakes and make our life worse and worse. This way of life narrows our choices by fostering ignorance. Some people devote their time here to evil in repetitive destructive acts and create profound ignorance within themselves. Ignorance of choice limits the possibilities both in physical life and the afterlife.

There are heavens and hells but they are the heavens and hells of our on making. We create our own individual heaven or hell on earth with our choices and how we think about life. We begin experience in the afterlife with the same thought processes, the same attitudes, beliefs and awareness but without a physical body.”

Medium Gretchen Vogel has some great inside information about the afterlife. You can learn more from Choices in the Afterlife by clicking here.

(Vogel, Gretchen. Choices in the Afterlife: What We Can Do and Where We Can Go After Death. Introduction, P. XV)



  1. Seeker says:

    Really good post. By this logic, I can definitely see why many religions…. (religions, which I guess are the ritualized user friendly cliff notes of a spiritual science which most of us barely, if at all, have a handle on)… declare the existence of a heaven and hell. Because if we cannot take the reins of our minds to steer our physical lives in a positive direction while we are alive, can you imagine what a disaster we might find ourselves in when we wake up one day and find that our mental self is the only thing left to our name, with no mitigating physical distractions (like time, space, smartphones, and pizza) to buffer us from the consequences of our actions/thoughts. Because without a physical body, our actions and our thoughts are one and the same.

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