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Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio with Andre Wullaert

New Radio Show Added!

Paranormalities and Ponderings Radio with Frank Lee and Andre Wullaert

Paranormalities and Ponderings Radio with Tim Woolworth and Andre Wullaert, hosted by Frank Lee

Paranormalities and Ponderings Radio with Tim Woolworth and Andre Wullaert

I was invited by Frank Lee, the host of Paranormalities and Ponderings, to come back on his radio show for an interview. This time I was thrilled to be invited back because Andre Wullaert, founder of the North Texas Ghost Society and the maker of the AGBX-3 among other ghost boxes, was also going to be interviewed during the same show. I have known Andre for quite some time now. He loaned me one of his boxes (#5) for testing and I own the first production AGBX-3 ghost box. We have traded ideas and information for quite a while online, so I knew that this radio show was bound to be a great one!

Andre, Frank and I all talked a little bit about a lot of topics. It was great to hear Andre’s insights from the perspective of both an investigator and a ghost box builder. We also discussed a lot about EVP, investigation techniques, technicians, ghost boxes, direct radio voice, video ITC, theory and some great general idea sharing. I was thrilled to learn that Andre is building a box with a video sweep that should be ready for initial testing in a few weeks.

Naturally, if you have two known ghost boxers on a radio show, a live ghost box session needs to happen! So Andre and I each conducted a ghost box session; Andre used his AGBX-3 ghost box and I used my Minibox Plus.

This is a show you do not want to miss.

This show, like all other radio shows starting in 2015, has been added to Radio Show page where there are links to all of the online interviews I have given.



  1. leebaker66 says:

    I enjoyed the show very much! Great advice and entertaining!

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thanks for listening Lee!

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