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Letter: Questions about Using Ghost Boxes for the First Time

A Inquiry Sent to Me by a New Ghost Boxer

One of the things that is hard to consider as a ghost boxer is what it must be like for someone entering the field for the first time. I remember experiencing the wonderment of communication with the other side of the veil for the first time. A couple of sessions revealed more in a few short minutes than all my EVP sessions combined up until that point. Like most early adopters of the technology, I muddled my way through making more mistakes than I like to admit to; this is mainly because it was a new technology.

Now, everyone has ready access to ghost boxes as needed, but with this access comes a lot of questions. This one particular letter comes from an individual who is just entering the field and the questions posed are great. I hope that the responses can help others in the field who as well.

A Letter Wondering About What to Expect From Using Ghost Boxes

Hi, I just came across the article you wrote by searching Google. I just recently purchased a K2 KII EMF Meter and a PSB7 and plan to use them for the first time soon. For a while now I’ve been fascinated by EVP communication and have been wanting to somehow contact members of my family who have passed on. I just had some questions regarding what I need to do to prepare and protect myself, my family, and my home before opening up any kind of communication.

I am a devout Pagan so I have quite a number of protective oils, charms and objects as well as a number of different colored candles. I burned sage in my home about a month ago to cleanse the space from any negative energies. What should be used before and during the session to keep up that protective barrier? Do I need to ground and meditate before I switch on the box?

What can I do to make myself more aware of the presence of entities? I’ve always been somewhat sensitive to them but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed I don’t sense much of anything anymore unless it evokes fear.

I know EMF meters pick up on changes in electromagnetic frequencies… should I establish a baseline before I start communication and just watch for spikes in the readings? Does it matter if the readings drop rather than spike?

Lastly, should I prepare a list of things to ask if I manage to connect to the other side?

Thank you for any information you are able to provide! I’m definitely a bit nervous about conducting my first session which I know isn’t a good thing since it tends to invite negative energies into the space, so I will be working to cleanse that so I can go into the session with a calm and open mind.

(name redacted)

A Response Outlining Listening to Ghost Boxes, Protection, and Working with the Other Side of the Veil

As you can see, there are a lot of valid concerns expressed by this individual. I tried to address them all and I hope that this helps anyone else who may have the same questions.

Greetings (name redacted).

I am glad you are about to join those of us who undertake a study of the other side. When first starting out, you will in all likelihood not be able to hear anything in real-time, but careful review with headphones will attune your ears to your box so you will be able to hear it better. Real communication comes through, and I suggest first looking for the obvious communication – I still get mired down in the layered voices after all these years and I continually find communications I missed in old recordings.

I am glad that you are a pagan, so many get wrapped up in the binaries of good/evil and angels/demons in this line of research due to christian ideology being ingrained in us since birth. The rituals you perform now will suffice for protection. Protection comes from your belief system – whether it be nature, angels, spirit guides, family members or your inner light. The idea of protection is to believe in yourself and your chosen form of protection. This belief reifies your feelings of protection into a psychical barrier that can keep undue influences away.

You most likely read my article on my chosen protection method; if not, it is located here:


and a colleague of mine wrote one as well:


Both of these articles say the same thing, you are your protection. It is your belief system, because your belief system is YOU. If you ever waver, or have doubts, then protection will not work. You classified yourself as “devout,” and that is all one can ask for protection. Be strong in your convictions and stick to what works for you and protection will be upon you. Once you build up relationships on the other side of the veil, there will be those Others who will help to protect you during a session.

I do not meditate before a session, but I do mentally prepare myself. On a day where I know I will use a box (or any other form of communication with the other side), I think about the forthcoming communication a lot in the time leading up to turning the box on. This allows you to broadcast intent to the other side of the veil and help draw in those who need to communicate with you. Some people adhere to a certain time of day, or location – but honestly, spirit is always around us and they can communicate whenever they like. Right before beginning a session, I state the date and time. I then close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale to balance myself and only then do I turn the box on.

That being said, sometimes a session can really get to you. I find this happens much more on location than at home. I am part of a large ghost hunting team and we have the pleasure of investigating wonderful old buildings, family homes, and places of tragedy. When you walk into a place for the first time and do a session, you are sending a signal to those around that you are there and you want to talk. If a spirit has been earth-bound or has failed to leave the area it knew in life, it may look at you as someone with whom communication is an absolute necessity. When this happens, a flood of emotion can wash over you and rock you to your very core. This happens. When it does, I end the session and ground myself as quickly as possible with whatever nature is close at hand.

Be forewarned – a spirit may take interest in you and linger. When you open the doors to the other side of the veil, traffic goes both ways. Haunted activity in your house should be expected (knocking, bangs, footsteps). This happens and it is part of ghost boxing. You are dealing with a world of spirits and possible more (which is why I generally refer to the collective entities on the other side of the veil as Others). They are around you now, but they most likely do not have a method to communicate with you. Once you turn on a box, they will know you. If they have something to say, they will make themselves known the best way they can from the other side (hence the haunted activity). If you practice at locations other than your home, you will in all likelihood bring back a hitchhiker or two; but from my experience, they generally lose interest after a few days and leave.

Practicing with the ghost box will make you more attuned to the world of spirit and may reawaken your sensitivities to the Others.

EMF detectors are generally worthless as a ghost hunting tool and even more so as a tool to monitor ghost box sessions. EMF detectors simply detect the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that they are tuned to detect. A K2, for example, is an electrician’s tool designed to read AC electrical. AC electrical is strictly a man-made current that does not occur in nature and is practically useless on an investigation for that reason. It also detects cell phone signals and walkie-talkies so any blip on a K2 could arise from any form on AC electrical interference. DC EMF detectors strictly detect DC which occurs both in nature and man-made items (most of your equipment is powered by DC batteries for example). The current that powers the human body is DC, but DC detectors designed to detect the human body current go off with every movement. EMF detectors may also detect some magnetism (detector dependent). If you have a detector that detects magnetism, then your audio recorder, video recorder, cell phone speaker and mic, and most importantly, your ghost box speaker will all spike for detection. These all lead to distractions more than anything else which is why I do not recommend using an EMF detector (or an EMF pump) as a session guide. Use your ears and a recorder – those are the only detectors you will need.

Finally, as for preparing a list of questions – you can try. I have never had much success with an answer to more than one prepared question at a time. When you engage with the Others, you should treat them like they are standing in the room next to you – because they probably are! You are holding a two-way conversation with a distinct disadvantage – you will not be able to hear every thing they say in real-time. Even after all these years, on a good day, I only catch about 30% of ghost box communication in real-time. If you ask a question, they may or may not respond. If they do, and you ask the question again or at a different time, the Others may show their disapproval in some select four letter words. Let your communications grow organically. Once you attune yourself to the way they sound and the way your recording set-up and editing software works for you, then try to move forward with a select question or two. I used to ask questions all the time, but a great friend and mentor, the late Frank Sumption, used to tell me to shut-up and listen rather than ask questions. It took me a couple of years to come around to that method, and I now find that it works best. You can get the best communication in the world, but if you are talking over it, it is for nothing since you will not be able to clearly present anything with your voice layered over the top of it. I have found the best practice is to just record. Identify yourself and ask for someone to speak, then record what is said. Listen back, write down what you have learned, and ask more questions based upon what you’ve learned.

Most importantly, before you begin this journey, make sure you know what goals you have in mind. That will dictate the direction of research and many in this field do not have that direction and are left with saying “hello,” and asking the Others to say their name or identify objects. We are dealing with persistence of consciousness and many in this field treat the Others like animals in a cage who perform for amusement. These tests have been done ad nauseam, but yet people new to the field continue to do them. If I were on the other side of the veil and someone asked me to identify an object, I would tell them to “piss off,” and move on to a ghost boxer who respected the Others like they were in the same room holding a face-to-face conversation.

Best of luck (name redacted) with your journey. When you record something good, let me know and I’ll gladly post it for you on the site.



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