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On this site you will find a wide assortment of ghost box and ITC articles, videos, audio clips, quotes, published resources, schematics and much more. In short, ITC Voices is a big site. There has been a lot of ghost box and general ITC content added since the site went live in April, 2010, and it can be difficult to find some of the content from past years.

In order to address this issue, we have added this Where to Start section to our website in order to direct new visitors towards the most important content and also direct regular visitors towards must-read ghost box and ITC content that might have previously missed.


Andy's Boxes from Chicago Spirit Wave

Andy’s Boxes

Ghost Box and ITC Software Resources

This page is designed to let consumers know about the best ITC and Software resources currently on the market. This is the article to visit if you are in the market for a new boutique ghost box or specialized ITC software.




Shack Hack Ghost Boxes featured image

Hacked Ghost Boxes

Hackable Radio List

Although they are becoming rarer to find, you can make a ghost box out of several off-the-shelf store bought radios with minimal modifications. This list contains the hackable radios known to ITC Voices at this moment.




Edison Phonograph Woodcut

Thomas Edison

What We Know, and Don’t Know, About Ghost Box Communication

We simply do not understand the trans-physical mechanisms by which communication occurs; but there are observations about the communications.






Fragmentative and Breakthrough Reception in Ghost Box Communication

The first ever attempt to classify the types of voices that are known to come through during our instrumental transcommunication sessions.






Consciousness Projection: Voices of the Living through a Ghost Box

One of the most bizarre things to ever come from ghost box communications is the voice of living people known to the communicator coming through a box!




Ghost Boxes Collection Featured Image

Ghost Boxes

Ghost Box Voices that Last Too Long

The main critique of sweeping radio ITC is that all communication is primarily radio bleed. Here is a simple way to calculate the length of time that a radio stays on one station in order to compare your communication what your hacked radio delivers.




Consciousness studies


Ghost Box Meaningful Communication

Due to the inherent nature of ghost box communication, we must resolve ourselves as researchers to seek out meaningful communication whenever possible. Here is an examination of the types of communication we should be seeking as meaningful.




Ghost Box Collective Featured Image

Ghost Box Collective

Ghost Box Collective Experiments

A group of experiments taking place on two continents at the exact same time yielded some startling results that show that ghost box communication legitimately receives conscious communication from an unknown origin.




Spirit Communication Channeling featured image

ITC Characteristics

EVP ITC Characteristics According to ATransC

ATransC (Association Transcommunication) has compiled a list of observable characteristics of EVP (electronic voice phenomena). These same characteristics can often be found in ghost box communication as well.




Sound Wave featured image

Sound Wave Editor

Editing and Manipulating Ghost Box Sessions

We are in the infancy of ghost box communication and we have to do our best to pave the way for future researchers. This requires that we have the utmost integrity when it comes to our session captures. This article explores the level of integrity needed.






Ethics and Ghost Box Communication

This article explores ethical standards by which communicators should approach the Others. It examines how our communications may affect the other side of the veil along with the possible ramifications ghost box communications may have on this side of the veil.




Astral projection featured image


Who Are We Talking To? Classifying Ghost Box Voices

We don’t know who, or what, we are talking to with these boxes – but we can be sure their is conscious intent behind the communication. This article list several possible contactees that we speak with on a regular basis.




The Tunnel of Light at Fort Wayne

Tunnel of Light

Crossing Over Spirits into the Light

One of the more heart wrenching things a ghost boxer hears are the cries for help; most everyone will hear them over time. This article explains the way Tim Woolworth has been helping the Others via a ghost box since March, 2010.




White Light

White Light

Spiritually Protecting Yourself in Light for a Ghost Box Session

If you are in this field for any length of time, you may begin to wonder about any ill effects that may be brought about by using ITC devices. Tim Woolworth experienced an attachment first hand and explains his protection method.




Demons from hell featured image


Demons: The Invisible Bullies

This article examines the idea that demons are the ones behind communication and the effects they can have upon the living. Cast in a new light, you may not view “demonic attacks” the same way again after reading this article.




Ghost Box Knowledge Featured Image


Ghost Box ITC at Home: A Note for Beginners

This is a simple primer on what one can expect as a novice ghost boxer. It discusses equipment, environment, self-control, recording times and other essential things to know like basic history and things deserving caution.





Margaret Downey

Margaret Downey’s Manual Sweep Ghost Box

You don’t always need a voltage controlled ghost box to allow for communication. Margaret Downey wrote about manually sweeping a standard radio tuning knob in order to facilitate the same type of communication found in ghost boxes.






ITC Software and Random Audio

This article explores how modern day ITC software based upon random audio functions in basically the same capacity as ghost box audio: noise building software allows for enough frequencies to communication to ensue.




Dr. Ernst Senkowski

Dr. Ernst Senkowski

Dr. Ernst Senkowski’s “Instrumentelle Transkommunikation”

ITC Voices took the time to assemble every translated page of the the seminal work Instrumental Transcommunication into a single PDF for the first time. This is a must-read book on ITC by the man who coined the term “ITC!”