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The Others Choose When, and to Whom, They Will Communicate

We can ask for communication, but we may not receive it…

Anabela Cardoso's Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension book“As happens with all anomalous electronic phenomena – and in my view with all other types of communication from the deceased – it is the communicators who have the initiative and they are the ones who make the contacts happen (albeit with the contribution of the human partner on Earth). There seems to be no way that a human agent can summon these contacts – he or she can only be disposed and prepared to receive them. Certainly we can ask for them when trying the EVP (electronic voice phenomena), the DRV (direct radio voice) or the psychoimages methods, but the request will not necessarily be satisfied! It may be or it may not be.”

Researcher Anabela Cardoso is one of the foremost European EVP researchers. You can learn more about her and her experiments documented in Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension by clicking here.

(Cardoso, Anabela. Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension. p.19)



  1. Adrienne says:

    Woops! This comment is meant for another clip.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Tim, the “that’s kind of you Friedrich” after “Not Bad” sounds to me a little like you. Is it possible that you responded somehow and it came through the GB? Was someone imitating you? Just a shot in the dark, here.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Yes Adrienne. I have discussed the clip in reference found at http://itcvoices.org/friedrich-jurgenson-speaking-minibox-plus-ghost-box/ with a few folks and I just posted a little dialogue there clearing it up! I do say “It’s kind,” and they say it at the exact same moment. I stopped talking after “kind,” because I knew a message was coming in. I finished the message after they said the message by saying “It’s kind of stormy…”

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