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Orion Silverstar’s Steam ITC Method

The Steam Method for Obtaining Image ITC

Orion Silverstar has been working in the field obtaining image ITC for several years and continually captures some of the best images to date.

The Steam ITC Method has gained some traction over the last few months of 2015 and many ITC researchers are adding Steam ITC to their repertoires here in early 2016. The method is quite simple. One simply needs a steam generator, a light source, a dark background and a method to capture the images. In capturing the images, the best images are revealed by recording the steam with video and then reviewing each frame. This obviously takes a lot of time for review so short sessions are highly recommended. If you do not have access to a video recording device, you can also attempt a Steam ITC session using a still photography camera.

In addition to Steam ITC, this same method can be applied to both smoke and incense.

If you want to experiment a little further, ITC Image researcher Patrick Dalmollen has been adding an ultrasound generator to the steam method and has produced some astonishing images as a result.

We recommend that you check out Orion’s website and YouTube Channel for some astounding images captured over his years working in image ITC.


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