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Orion Silverstar’s Image ITC Primer

The Water & Light Reflection Method for Obtaining Image ITC

Orion Silverstar has been working in the field obtaining image ITC for several years and continually captures some of the best images to date. It was because of Orion’s dedication to this technique that we decided to approach him first about incorporating some of his teachings and images onto the site for the world to see.

Water and light reflection image ITC is still in its infancy as Margaret Downey first wrote about this technique on ATransC in the mid 2000’s. There are many talented researchers in the field who are making a difference and we hope to share their work with you through ITC Voices. Until now, ITC Voices has been dedicated strictly to ghost box communication and application ITC. We have stayed away from photo’s and EVP’s as there are so many sites that cover those methods of communication online already.

But there is a lack of image ITC sites and most of the techniques and captures have been shared through social media and a select few sites like Orion’s. We feel it is our duty to try to promote this form of communication as a valid form of ITC and we hope that this video that Orion put together will serve as your introduction to this field if you haven’t been introduced already.

Moving water ITC is easy to do, it is merely time consuming. There are researchers now doing EVP and ghost box sessions in conjunction with the water and light reflection method. Hopefully we will soon be able to put faces to the ITC Voices we receive.

We recommend that you check out Orion’s website and YouTube Channel for some astounding images captured through this method.



  1. Orion had contacted me shortly after I started investigating and putting videos on Youtube. He had encouraged me to give this a try. Finally after a couple of years of putting it off and forgetting, I got around to doing it. I took a small group out to investigate a haunted cemetery here in New Jersey. There were 6 of us and so we each took about a minute or so with a dark pot of water. Using a pot handle to agitate the water. Late morning sun in the sky and tree tops were reflected in the pot.

    Took a while to go through this as filming at a 30 frames per second rate, I had a little over 14,000 frames of video to check out. So when Orion says time consuming, he is not joking. In the end, I was very surprised at the results as we had nearly 40 frames that had something in it. Plus it seemed that each person who stirred the pot had their own “theme.” One lady got animals, another got angel like beings, a couple got faces, one got non-human faces and I got a lot of eyes.

    I honestly had thought there was going to be no results and once again, learning that in the field of ITC / Spirit research that anything can happen!

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