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New Radio Interview Added

Mystical Awakenings Radio Interview

Mystical Awakenings Radio Show

Mystical Awakenings Radio Show

On November 11, 2015, Tim Woolworth was interviewed on the radio show Mystical Awakenings with hosts Deb DeRousse and Debbie Marcum. As with most of my interviews, there were some technical glitches that occurred with frequency. For some reason, the control board for the show would mute me as I spoke. Because of this, the first 9 minutes or so were quite rocky, but after that the interview went quite well.

Once the glitches worked their way out, we discussed some haunted activity we experienced in the basement of the Dundee Mill. Near the end of the show, Tim Rehahn of the paranormal team S.W.P.I. (Spirit World Paranormal Investigations) called in to the show to discuss the mill. Team S.W.P.I. hosts several ghost hunts a year at the Dundee Mill as fundraisers for this historic location. They also host an annual paranormal conference at the mill that brings some of the biggest names in the paranormal to Michigan.

We also discussed some general ghost box observances and some possible theory behind the communication. There were two ghost boxes used during the show, a Minibox Plus and an Andre’s AGBX-3.

You can find this interview and several others linked on our Radio Interviews page.


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