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Negative Entities, or Dark Heads, in Ghost Box Communication

Negative Entities, AKA Dark Heads, in Ghost Box Communication

by Bruce Halliday

Negative Entities During Ghost Box Communication

A short explanation without going into theory and conjecture and also a myriad of personal experiences.

“Dark Heads” is a slang term that was originally coined back in the early days of the research by myself and Steve Hultay after we had discovered a few entities that were trying to deter our attempts at communication and advancing the research or technology.

Dark heads in essence are any spirit that is derived of negative energy and carries a bad karma and attitude. You can usually easily detect a DH by the foul language and negative messages and or responses they offer. They will also attempt to deceive you and block any communication between the researcher and their friendly contacts such as tech/guides and friends or family.

They are believed to be lower level entities and can usually be stopped or blocked by our friends on the other side with the help of the researchers positive attitude and energy.

On the flip side if you as the researcher are in a bad mood, had an argument with the wife or a bad day at the office and are steeped in negative tension and energy, this will help to reinforce the negative energy of a DH and give them fuel for their fire.

This is where our communication with friendly contacts becomes affected and we are told that DH’s are blocking and our communication suffers until the problem is alleviated. This occurrence during a session tends to frustrate the researcher and only compounds the negative energy. The best course of action when you suspect or are informed about DH activity and or blocking, stop the session and try again when you are in a better frame of mind.

We have been told and retold that the more positive and combined the energy from our side is the stronger the bridge of communication becomes and therefore we receive better and clearer and more lengthy messages.

I and also other researchers that have been around long enough to have some experience with DH’s all have stories to tell. I have actually had a Joe’s boxes circuit board fried back in the beginning when there were only Frank’s and Joe’s boxes by a negative spirit attempting to stop the communication.

The best way to combat these ugly entities is to approach a session only when you have a good attitude and are in a positive frame of mind.

This negativity and or negative entity is capable of traveling from its own realm into our physical world via an open connection or portal if you will. This “Portal” I believe is the result of the ghost box having to develop a sort of umbilical cord in order for the communication to travel back and forth between our worlds.

I combat this by doing a short protection ritual before doing a box session and asking my friends, techs or guides on the other side to protect against any negative entities that may want to travel through the portal.

Remember also that there is a threat of having a Dark Head getting attracted by the energy of the open session at a location you are investigating and have that DH follow you when you leave. A protection ritual is also a good idea in this situation.

Pretty much every time you turn a box on do your protection ritual first. “It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

I have formed the theory that the Ghost box when in use opens a portal or doorway between our world and the spirit world, this is necessary for the free flow of energy moving back and forth. I believe this merging of spirit and physical energy is the battery that powers our ability to receive the live communication.

At the close of a session the communicator should get into the habit of asking the guide/techs to return any wayward spirits that may have traveled through the open portal to return or they will be stuck after the box is turned off and will not be able to return until it is turned on again.

This could result in poltergeist activity in an attempt for the stuck spirit to gain your attention in order to be returned to the spirit world. I speak of this through experience it has happened to me personally that is the way I developed this theory.


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