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Minibox Plus Session: Eva, Huff, Frank, Crossing Over & More

This Minibox Plus ghost box session was a short one at only five minutes in length. During this session, you will hear a lot of amazing spirit conversation. There is mention of running to the light and crossing over; my first and last name is mentioned; PUPS is mentioned; Steve Huff is mentioned and Eva from his sessions comes through; my ex-wife starts to make contact at the very end; but most importantly, very pertinent information about Frank Sumption comes through that you will see in this video. I was amazed by the information that came through regarding Frank and the way it was delivered – and that doesn’t happen very often.



  1. Chuck says:

    Hey Tim,

    We met at Gettysburg a couple of years ago, staying at the LIghtner B&B. A friend of mine from Bearfort Paranormal was telling me about this mini-box he got to see in action in Chicago at the Ghost Conference over the weekend. So he sends me a link and it turns out it’s your video! LOL Small world.

    Anyway, just watched it, great session and I’m with you 1000%. So many quality, precise answers come through, too many to just white wash as mass coincidence as an arm-chair skeptic counters with. That name EVA sounds very familiar, I think I might have also picked it up recently during a P-SB7 session that I did but can’t remember which one. I’ll have to go and see if I can locate it.

    Hope all is well!

    (Chuck’s Paranormal Adventures)

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I remember you Chuck! We never did get time for that session. I was hoping to run into this last spring, but I didn’t see you around. It’s a small world in the paranormal community!

      1. Chuck says:

        Yeah I couldn’t make it last year, it fell to close to my daughter’s spring break and I couldn’t spare the vacation time for both. But as a consolation, we went to Lake Tahoe for a few days and we made our way up to Virginia City on one day. So I got to investigate the Old Washoe Club by myself! Started at 7:30PM just a little before the Saloon closed and then it was me until 2:30AM. I could have stayed until sunrise, but we were still on East Coast time so it was like 5:30AM for me and I was too tired to go another 3-4 hours. Crazy place, the activity was off the charts. I felt like I was surrounded all night long. Did 3 spirit box sessions and they had some amazing responses!

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