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Minibox Plus Session – Crossing Over and More

Crossing Over, Names, Consciousness Projection and More in this Minibox Plus Session

Minibox Plus Featured ImageOn March 3, 2016, I conducted a ghost box session using my trusty Minibox Plus. This session came out phenomenally as the communication was consistent throughout the full session.

Whenever my Tech, Tom, is present there is usually some crossing over that occurs. This session seemed to be about crossing over for the most part. There were many references to going back, going up, going through, the light, help and a lot more. It should be noted that I do not believe that we have any power to cross over a spirit into the light, but I know that our Techs on the other side can do this for us. They are there to guide the lost who surround us during a session.

There were also several references to me personally. The names Tim, Timmy, TJ (a family nickname) and my new favorite, Tim Woowoo (instead of Woolworth) all came through. Pay close attention to the “Timmy,” the Others mimic my voice when saying this.

There was also another instance of projection of consciousness present. My brother, Ray, seemed to come through with the eponymous “It’s Ray” communication. I have to wait until I go back to New York to visit family before I will be able to record him saying this phrase for a direct comparison.

Finally, there were interesting captures about not screaming, not bursting in, and come mix it. I wonder if they are using equipment on the other side? I found it very curious.

As always, take from this session what you will.




  1. Jennifer Peet says:

    Where can I get one?

  2. Tim says:

    Nice session

  3. laura says:

    hi, very interesting! thank you for sharing.

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