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Meek’s Interpenetrating Worlds of Life and Consciousness

George Meek’s Diagram on the Soul’s Progression Through Consciousness.

The chart below was included with the expanded version of George Meek’s book from 1987 entitled After We Die, What Then? Evidence You Will Live Forever. In this book, Meek details the research he conducted at the Metascience Foundation (a foundation he founded in North Carolina). He is best known for his work with the Spiricom Device which was well documented in the book The Ghost of 29 Megacycles by John G. Fuller (1985).

This chart contains the overarching theme of Meek’s book as it lays out his vision of the soul’s progression. The book also contains numerous observances and attempts to answer many questions.

Although Meek’s reputation has been questioned a lot since his death in 1999, his impact on ITC is not in question as he was one of the forefathers of ITC whose contributions to the field are still cherished to this day.

The other side of the chart below contains the following information in text boxes interposed upon on a knit textile shown in the image above:

Interpenetrating Worlds of Life and Consciousness

For ease of comprehension, the “levels” or “planes” shown on the other side of this sheet are pictured as being one above the other. Actually, they are more like the interpenetrating or interwoven pattern depicted on this side (ed. see image above for reference). And even though it stretches the imagination, many of the levels or planes occupy the same space as does our day by day three-dimensional world.


To provide a scientific basis for knowing:

  • That life is eternal,
  • That each person is a son or daughter of God, the Father, the Universal Mind, the Creator of all that exists,
  • That the life of each person is of infinite importance and has specific purpose and ultimate meaning, and
  • That limitless love of neighbor and self leads to inner peace, happiness and good health.

We believe Man can achieve this profound level of understanding by directly contacting the accumulated wisdom of the ages, currently available on the Mental, and Causal Planes. It is our conviction that the most reliable access to this information can be provided by perfecting a dependable two-way electromagnetic-etheric communication system.

This would at last make possible a workable and rewarding cooperation between Man’s many religions and his sciences.

This is a rare chart (most books do not have a surviving copy of this insert) I scanned. The original is 17″x11″ and I stitched two scanned images together as one .jpg for visual ease.

Please click on this chart to open it on a separate page and then save it to your computer for a full-sized image (3285 X 5077 pixels).


George Meek’s Chart on the Interpenetrating Worlds of Life and Consciousness from his book “After We Die, What then? Evidence You Will Live Forever.” 1987

It should be noted that on the inside cover page of the book, George Meek wrote the following:

This book does not attempt to preach any new gospel, dogma, creed, religion or “ism.” It does not attempt to convert you to the concepts it discusses. If any portions ring true to your “still, small inner voice,” fine. If not, reject them!


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