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Meaning is Created through the Lens of Experiential Difference

As oft written on this site, there are no ghost box experts – but there are those with more ghost box experiences. It is these experiences that drive us to find meaning in ghost box communication…

Peter Carrolls book Liber Null and Psychonaut“To question any level of meaning with reason is usually to lose it. Meaning arises from the differentiation of experiences into pain and pleasure, good and evil, interesting and uninteresting, beautiful and ugly, worthwhile and not worthwhile. Experiences are only meaningful when we are sensitive to them. We can only perceive difference. Ideas are only meaningful when we can appreciate their separateness and novelty. Spirituality only arises when we begin to consider some things non-spiritual. Meaning is dependent on establishing dualities, and belief is fundamentally an act of differentiation – considering one thing different from another. So ideas which create meaning for us must be conditional beliefs. For example, certain knowledge about God, whether it was yes or no, or certainty about everlasting life, either yes or no, would completely destroy any meaning in these ideas. If this were absolutely believed to be everlasting heaven or hell with no escape, there would be no reason to care about anything.”

To learn more about author Peter Carroll’s views on meaning, or to begin an exploration of chaos magick, click here to find out more information about Liber Null & Psychonaut.

(Carroll, Peter J. Liber Null & Pyschonaut. PPS 180,181)



  1. Seeker says:

    Yes, all about that inevitable need for duality, to create meaningful experience…. This post resonated with me as well. It’s a paradoxical reality of being in this field. We are on an endless quest for that ultimate knowledge, but should we ever find it, how well would we value it anymore? How soon would we forget about those who came before us, who could only speculate about it? It is the hunt itself, I suppose, which creates true appreciation for the treasure. Dime a dozen revelations fade away. They become the “ordinary miracle” which though no less miraculous, cannot be recognized, and gets filed away in an early chapter of your high school biology textbook.

  2. Jerri Kindig says:

    Great post! I really took something away from it I hadn’t really thought of before. I have recently been very taken with communication with the dead after the loss of my mother. Obsessed possibly but that will pass when it isn’t so new to me. Been reading The Fun of Staying in Touch by Roberta Grimes, which is a book on how we can learn to communicate and how the dead will communicate with us. Been a great read, robertagrimes.com for her site and info. I guess I don’t look at it like they are “ghosts” as that is equated with fear, but your post clears some of that up for me. Again a great read this morning.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you Jerri. I post these quotes precisely to expose people to new viewpoints regarding after-death studies. I am glad this one resonated with you.

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