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Matt Payne’s Ouija Box #2 Sound Test

Ouija Box? Yes.

Matt Payne, of Paranormal Shadow Investigations, has designed a personal ghost box using a Ouija Board. While not the first to design a Ouija Board (Frank Sumption was the first), this box is beautifully constructed and is sounding good. It also allows for a thru-put of audio if one elects to bypass the radio sweep circuit in lieu of an ITC app. Speaking of apps, Matt is also a programmer of several free P.S.I. applications for ITC on the Windows platform. His apps are free to download and use actual ghost box audio for the soundbanks. Matt also has an online ghost box for public use.



  1. steve rabon says:

    It would be awesome to have a magnet on the planchette and some kind of EMF detector that controls coils that can create movement of the planchette. That way the spirits can control it by activating the EMFs

  2. Seeker says:

    At 1:49 in british accent – Whom am i speaking with please? …. this particular voice more than once, and so much more coming from this ghost box… the echo of the sweep makes it difficult to get used to listening, but once the ears get accustomed, omg some of the best quality audio ive ever heard, this one is special…. same voice again at 2:15 – you like to tell me your name please? reply is zack

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