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Mark Macy on Spirit Communications and Intent

Spirit Communicators are Drawn to ITC Researchers with Like Intent

Mark Macy's Miracles in the Storm“If we plowed ahead with ITC research under a shroud of fear, uncertainty, and other destabilizing human emotions, then we would draw into our work the types of spirit beings who enjoy stimulating our fears and uncertainties and destabilizing our lives. Serious spirit researchers had long known that they drew beings of similar attitude into their work and into their lives. It was absolutely vital, then, for my sake, for my family’s sake, and ultimately for the sake of the world, that ITC develop under an umbrella of love and spiritual understanding, not fear and uncertainty. On that point I could not compromise…”

Mark Macy is one of the prominent early American ITC researchers. You can learn more by clicking here to purchase your own copy of Miracles in the Storm

(Macy, Mark. Miracles in the Storm: Talking to the Other Side with the New Technology of Spiritual Contact. P76)



  1. Robin (NDE person) says:

    Regards to attracting the negative spirits in ITC research: You are wise to mention what you did on this issue. We have to remember that there are always Lower Density Vibrational Beings around us, even if we can’t perceive them; when we get depressed for too long, get in bad, frequent arguments, etc. these lower spirits will be in your Consciousness Space at that time (like attracts like, like a magnet); they will all seek to keep you in this State because they like to be attached there and don’t want you to elevate your consciousness to a higher vibration of joy, etc. because they cannot function there – at death, for example, we all automatically gravitate to the “community” we have the COnsciousness attachment to by our Thoughts and Deeds we had/have on earth. By just a Shift in Consciousness thoughts we can end up around the wrong SPirits, here and in the hereafter, and around toxic physical people on earth as well. Our Thoughts really do become Our Reality.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I couldn’t agree more Robin. Very well stated.

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