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Mark Macy on Creating Good ITC Communication

Mark Macy speaks of how ITC researchers, their equipment and contacts on the other side are all necessary for good ITC experimentation…

Mark Macy's Miracles in the Storm“ITC involved heart-to-heart, long-term working relationships between researchers on Earth and positive, supportive beings in subtler worlds. In Europe they had achieved such relationships; here in the States we were still drawn to strange “anamolies” such as weeping icons and spooky “phenomena” such as hauntings. Perhaps we Americans were spiritually immature.

I was determined to spread the word. If enhanced ITC contacts were more widespread in the United States, the field would attract the attention of the American public. Then, as has always been the case throughout the history of our country, Yankee ingenuity would take over, and ITC would soon light up the world.

Most spirit-voice researchers in the United States viewed their work as a relationship between themselves and their equipment. That kept the spirit colleagues at a distance, yielding poor results in their experiments. Good communication across the veil is like good communication on Earth: it requires an opening of the heart on the part of the folks at both ends of the line—an acknowledgement of each other’s being and a sincere concern for each other.

Up until recently, any Americans who made it known that they were trying to establish that sort of personal rapport with Beyond would be regarded with suspicion and humor. Fear of ridicule on the part of the researchers diminished the possibility of new contacts. Before ITC could come to the States, that would have to shift.

I knew that if dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of Americans could become excited about the prospects of enhanced communication with positive, vibrant residents of the world of spirit, the field would grow strong, and ITC contacts would flourish.”

Mark Macy is one of the prominent early American ITC researchers. You can learn more by clicking here to purchase your own copy of Miracles in the Storm

(Macy, Mark. Miracles in the Storm: Talking to the Other Side with the New Technology of Spiritual Contact. PPS 74-75)


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