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Evil Spirits: Stay Away From Them or They Will Eat You Alive —

With Chili Sauce

by Adriana P.

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On Discussing “Evil Spirits” and Ghost Box Communication

I just had an interesting conversation with someone from an Orthodox Christian You Tube channel. We were intensely debating whether the ghost box is valid or invalid, whether it is dangerous or harmful, and here are two questions that were posed to me, and the answers that I gave.

Question: Does the ghost box present a danger with drawing attention from evil spirits?

Yes. The ghost box does present a danger with drawing attention from negative entities. I’m not going to call them evil spirits – because they mainly just seem to be negative earthbound human spirits who were unhappy and mean in this life and continue this pattern in the next life – which does not make them evil, just maybe means they need a hug, or they need to be smacked, or maybe both. Spirits, including negative ones, are everywhere all around us, as the ghost box is showing us. And, of course, they are around us not just when they’re in spirit form, but also when they’re in physical form. In other words, we are just as much in danger from living human beings affecting us negatively spiritually and physically, as we might be in danger from them in the afterlife. In fact, I can easily say that every negative imprint that has been left on my psyche or my body so far in my life, and has impeded my spiritual journey of becoming a better person closer to God, has been from negative living spirits, not dead ones. Negative people. I see the ghost box as no more dangerous than stepping out onto a highway in a fast car, or letting a new person into your life, who you don’t know well, and you don’t know if in the end they will help you or hurt you, lift you up, or knock you down. Intention is key. If you have good intentions, use the box with a loving heart, they will be more positively receptive to you. And just like in real life, I’m sure it’s possible to come with the best intentions, and still have someone hurt you unfairly. And I guarantee you that the only direction from which I have received this kind of hurt so far in my life has been from living spirits, not dead ones.

Question: Could they not manipulate your perspectives concerning the technology you have accepted as a means for communicating with “spirits”?

Yes, easily! In fact, from literally day one I have been advised by other ghost boxers not to trust anything I receive across the box as “gospel truth”. It would be naive to do so, because many people are liars in this life and if they’re in the afterlife now, what’s to prevent them from continuing to lie. Again, it’s a matter of how you approach the box. You need to approach it with common sense. If you’re naive to what living people tell you, if you’ll believe everything your parents, and TV, and your government and your church tells you, I’m sure you could easily be misled by the box as well. From day one, the only thing I’m looking for, my main aim with the box, is “Am I receiving intelligent communication?” Communication that shows that something is intelligently interacting with me, immediately answering a question with a relevant answer, displaying to me that they are there – in the moment, conscious and interacting with me in real time.

Once you get to use the box, you will hear all kinds of entities: happy, sad, grumpy, angry. Many curse because they’re probably not happy with where they are, others are quite chipper and content, and by far, the message that I receive most of all in almost all of my sessions is the call for help.

Those were some of the questions and answers. In addition, I want to say that I also do use the ghost box for the purpose of contacting previously-living now-deceased individuals, and I look for receiving messages from them, ideally in that person’s own voice, the way it sounded when they were alive. Although this kind of ghost box activity does goes beyond simply looking for intelligent answers to my questions, and assumes much more than simply intelligent consciousness… it is undeniable to me personally that by all surface appearances, now-deceased previously-living people do communicate with us through the ghost box. Is it, in theory, possible these voices are not really their voices, but simply deceitful entities playing pranks on us? Is it possible that the personal details they voice back to us come from them reading our own minds, and throwing them back at us in the deceased relative’s voice, the way we remember their voice in our memories of them? …………….Sure, why not. Anything is possible. But realistically, logically and practically speaking, how probable is it? If we’ve gone as far as to show that intelligent consciousness does manifest outside of the living biological human brain… how much of a stretch is it to safely assume that we are indeed contacting previously living now deceased individuals through the ghost box? Logically speaking, not that much of a stretch at all as far as I can see. Add to that the fact that all major religions, all across different cultures and time periods, all unanimously and independently agree about the existence of some form of afterlife… add to that all the “ghost stories” passed on from generation to generation, independently and confidently across all cultures and time periods…. (And isn’t this kind of independent and insistently repeated confirmation what empirical science comes down to in the first place? Can that many people be wrong? Have all human beings spanning all cultures and eras simply been schizophrenically hallucinating in the exact same specific abstract way? What a strange mental illness epidemic that would be) ….. and I personally feel pretty at peace with concluding that we are contacting human spirits who are consciously existing in their afterlife reality. Could I still be completely wrong in the end? Only time will tell, and I still do keep this possibility in the back of my mind all the time. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I do know.

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  2. AJ says:

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who has gotten bad & personally directed negative messages through the box. Reading his helped me not to feel so bad! I try my best not to take what they say to heart but sometimes it does get to me but after reading this, I see the bad spirits try to get to everyone who uses the box! They feed off the negative energies generated by the emotions they incite from you. I will stay strong & positive no matter what & have faith that God (whom he/she really may be) will protect us as I believe that God is of positivity! No matter what you believe it is important to take measures to protect yourself before using the box & tell the spirits (the ones that won’t or can’t crossover) that they have to go back through the box & leave you, they are not allowed to follow or attatch or stay there with you if you are doing the session in home.

  3. Linda says:

    Hi I have just joined this web site,just looking at all the posts written and find that this one is interesting, it covers most things about the messages we recieve from the ghost box. I have had some negative stuff like swearing and creepy sounds and now after talking with Adriana I do believe that they are a sort of wind up from spirit people that like to try and scare us into thinking that it is evil or demonic, I think that we have to tell ourselves that these sort of messages are from human beings just like us and if they were practical jokers or just nasty people when alive then they are basically going to be the same now in spirit form. I dont believe that you change your personality or thoughts when you die, well not straight away and I believe that some spirits never want to change the therefore stay on a lower plain of exsistence then say someone who was kind and good, who I believe are on a higher plain, I think that this is why you only get messages from some loved ones some of the time, I also get a lot of help or help me maybe these people are just lost or maybe are not ready for some reason or anouther to move on. I think that this communication device is so great, but I believe that if you treat it with respect and dont show that you are scared then you will get a better responce, if you ignore the negitive as us they will hopefully get bored with it, this is just my opiniun and realise that others will have theres. regards Linda.

  4. erik says:

    I acquired negative attachments from using the ghostbox, I think it’s just as dangerous as using the ouija. After a while, the cussing and vulgarities increased. I even had one declare that I like to fornicate with ghosts?! It actually called out my name when it said this..

    • Adriana says:

      Sorry to hear that. I’ve used both the ouija board a few times many years ago, and the ghost box frequently for the last ten months, and I have not experienced anything negative from either one, so far. Where were you using the ghost box when they attached to you? How long did it attach, and what was it like?

  5. James Hancock says:

    great article. One thing I would like to add, on all my boxes I have blessed them with holy oil and have attached a blessed medal. I have found after doing the above I have cut out the cussing 100%. I think in my opinion it works in a way of a filter to block out the negitive entities. As this is a work in progress and we are all still learning as we go on this is just a thought.

    • Adriana says:

      Thank you. I’m not very big on blessings and protection rituals…. Although on the back of my box I’ve written “Lord make me an instrument of your peace” as a permanent blessing that I don’t have to address at every session — they still curse like sailors, though =), but I’ve learned to pretty much just shake my head and ignore it these days… mostly, believing that I need to bless the box or “protect myself” makes me feel like there’s something to fear, when ultimately I believe the only thing to fear is fear itself. However, if a blessing eliminated the cursing for you, then maybe there is something to it… I actually have a blessed medal from Medjugorje that my mother gave me, now I just have to get my hands on some holy oil… you saying this, does make me want to try it!

      • Scott says:

        I have read that 1 out of 100 people, on earth, is a psychopath (“The Psychopath Test”) and another source says that 4 out of 100 is a sociopath (“The Sociopath Next Door”}. The first source, “The Psychopath Test” quoted Dr. Robert Hare as saying that 1 in 20 in prison is a psychopath. Statistically, that is good news because most people are NOT psychopaths and therefore it can be concluded that most ghosts are not psychopaths either. So, when ghost hunters go to haunted prisons, what would you expect! A normal person dying in prison would welcome the fact that they could fly out of there — only a nut job would want to stay.

        Sarah Estep would sometimes have to say, “If you can’t be nice I won’t talk to you.” This is the way that a school teacher would handle it and that seems to have worked for her. She ended up getting some really high level spiritual communications. It takes time to get beyond the ordinary communications to the higher levels. Dr. Annabella Cardoso (“Electronic Voices”) got beautiful ITC directly from a series of radios tuned between different frequencies (not a ghost box). She was able to carry on conversations in real time of a “very high ethical character.” This is the type of communication I would like to have.

        Also, despite all the garbage coming out of Hollywood about ITC (“White Noise” etc) everyone is really very safe. Most fears come from superstition and a natural fear of the unknown. If you are doing research, think of this: no one has been beaten up or killed by a ghost. All that stuff is Hollywood or bogus myths. If anyone were to be killed by a ghost it would have to be Zac Bagans. I can see why spirits would find him annoying. If I were a ghost, I wouldn’t respond to him. They often tell him to “get out!” — wouldn’t you?

        • Adriana says:

          I have read and used to own the book The Sociopath Next Door. I agree that we are mostly safe, as long as we use our brains just a little, and think before we act. Yes, places likes prisons are going to give you all kinds of unhappy energies, and like you said, what would you expect?

        • Teresa says:

          Why do this? Is there something you’re trying to find out.

  6. Nena razmara says:

    Beautifully written and put forth :))

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