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Lisa Feoranz’s Image ITC Technique

Television + Smoke = Great ITC!

If you follow the field of image ITC, it is more than likely that you have seen one of Lisa Feoranz’s images online. She has been at the forefront of smoke image ITC for years now.

Lisa was kind enough to allow ITC Voices to share a progression of copyrighted images that she captured on April 1, 2013. This progression of images combines various techniques and has yielded some great results thus far for Lisa. There are other progressions that she has captured, but this one has a lot of substance to it as the progression is quite remarkable.

Her technique for this image progression involves Lisa sitting in a room in front of a television. She uses an e-cigarette to generate smoke. While this is occurring, she has a video camera pointed at the television screen and she flips through channels. The interaction of channel disruption, smoke and feedback looping has produced the progression you see below.

Lisa has shared these images and her technique in order to help foster growth and interest in the field of ITC.

ITC Capture Progression


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